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Connected fleet FleetGO

What is a Connected Fleet?

In this era of technology and innovation “connected fleet” is becoming a buzz word in ...
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GPS Black Box

GPS Black Box

The GPS black box is one of the most essential items in telematics. This small ...
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FMS data FleetGO

What is FMS Data?

FMS or Fleet Management System is an international standardized interface for commercial vehicles. With the ...
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FleetGO Software Screenshot

Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS Tracking solution has been designed in order to obtain full visibility on your ...
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FleetGO time tracking fleet

GPS Time Tracking

Once your fleet has left the headquarters you lose grip on driver activities. Our GPS ...
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FleetGO Fuel monitoring

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel consumption and fuel costs are closely related. The more fuel is consumed, the higher ...
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Fleet Tracking Solutions

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