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Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS Tracking solution has been designed in order to obtain full visibility on your fleet and your drivers whenever you want and wherever you are. Track and manage your fleet like a professional on our blazingly fast and easy to use live map. All activity and trips are logged in our fully tax compliant triplog.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

FleetGO’s real-time map is the fastest GPS tracking map in the industry. In one view you have complete visibility of all your vehicles, statuses, drivers, POI’s and recent trips. Within the interactive map you have all tools you need to make your workforce more efficient. You can easily find vehicles, drivers and find the nearest vehicles of any random location, including ETA’s. Vehicle Tracking is a part of our Fleet Tracking Solution.

FleetGO Software Screenshot

Image: Real-Time Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

  • Powerful tools to manage your fleet
  • Professional triplog included
  • The fastest GPS tracking
  • An overview of time spent during the day
  • Easily to set geofences & event triggers
  • Flexible reporting & exports

Fleet Management Made Easy

Get on top of your fleet and your drivers with our GPS Tracking solution; the smartest solution to manage your fleet. The FleetGO control units streams all relevant data to your screen where you are in full control. Easily set triggers, events and geofences. Search for the nearest vehicle and improve productivity. Let drivers authenticate with the optional RFID Reader option or protect their privacy with our Privacy Button option.

Fleet Tracking 
Connecting your fleet offers you the possibility to track your vehicles and drivers whenever you want and wherever you are. Vehicle data is sent via GPRS signals to a server, the data is translated into dashboards and reports and allow you to obtain valuable information on your fleet and their activities or statuses. Tracking your fleet through telematics software is a simple and time-saving way to optimize your fleet management. Our fleet tracking solutions offer you numerous insights such as: GPS location, vehicle and driver activities, vehicle statuses, mileage triplog, driver behavior, speed, fuel consumption and much more.

Fleet Tracking Solutions

Fleet Management Made Easy

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