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Vehicle Tracking System Track, analyse, and optimise your fleet with a professional GPS tracking system

Our professional GPS vehicle tracking system, has been designed in order to obtain full visibility on your fleet and your drivers whenever you want and wherever you are. With our blazing fast, interactive and easy to use live map, you can track, analyse, and optimise your fleet like a pro.

FleetGO Vehicle Telematics Fleet Tracking Software
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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Powerful interactive map

FleetGO’s real-time map is the fastest GPS tracking map in the industry. In one view you have complete visibility of all your vehicles, statuses, drivers, POI’s and recent trips. Within the interactive map you have all tools you need to make your workforce more efficient. You can easily find vehicles, drivers and find the nearest vehicles of any random location, including ETA’s. With Vehicle Tracking from FleetGO, you’ll have one of the most feature-rich fleet tracking systems available.

Why a Vehicle Tracking System? The power of Commercial Vehicle Tracking explained

  • Optimize fleet utility
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce wear & tear
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce risks

Only a few technologies offer such wide-range benefits as commercial vehicle tracking. Connecting your fleet offers you the possibility to track your vehicles and drivers whenever you want and wherever you are. All vehicle data is sent via the cellular netwerk to the FleetGO datacenter. In the FleetGO Cloud, all data is translated into useful and actionable data. With easy to generate reports, clear dashboards, and notifications you can obtain valuable information about your fleet to optimize your operation.

Tracking your fleet with smart vehicle tracking software is a simple and time-saving way to optimize your fleet management. Our fleet tracking solutions offer you numerous insights such as: GPS location, vehicle and driver activities, vehicle statuses, mileage triplog, driver behavior, speed, fuel consumption and much more.

Learn more about our technology here.

Keep a Detailed Triplog Complete history of vehicle activity

All vehicle movement and activities are recorded and stored into the powerful FleetGO Cloud. You have an unlimited history of all trips, routes and locations visited. You can easily navigate through all data with clear and user-friendly screens. The flexible interface makes it easy to obtain the data en reports you desire. And you can use all reports for your own (fiscal) administration too.


Key features

Real-time data

Full control over your fleet

Valuable insights

In all vehicle activities

Interactive live map

Real-time GPS tracking

Time saving solutions

Efficiently manage your fleet

FleetGO GPS Tracking Software Basic Report

Keep Track of Time Detailed logging of working and driving time

With FleetGO’s vehicle tracking system, you automatically keep a detailed log of time spent. You can track driving times, visit duration, working time, idle time, stationary time, the number of trips, trips outside working hours etc. Create detailed timesheets and valuable insights to keep track of time.

Management Dashboard Tools for a total overview

Next to detailed and actionable data, the FleetGO Cloud offers clear, and easy to use dashboards. You can create your own layout and display all data that is relevant for your situation. Set your own triggers and schedule reports to receive them right into your inbox. With our Role-Based Acces Control you can create your own user structure with their own set of rights in the platform. 100% flexible.

FleetGO Fleet Tracking Software Dasboard

Geofencing Get notified is something unexpected occurs

Gofencing is a powerful tool that enables you to set virtual boundaries around locations or specific areas. Receive an instant message (whatsapp, sms, call, email, notification) when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area, or get notified when there is some unexpected activity within or outside predefined hours.

Convenient add-ons Get even more tools with these optional modules

Driver Identification

FleetGO driver identification logoThe vehicles in your fleet are used by several drivers and you want to identify which driver is driving which vehicle at all times

Privacy Switch

FleetGO Telematics Private Switch IconProtect the privacy of your employees with this simple in-car button. Once activated, all data becomes private and invisible to the employer.

CAN-Bus Data

mileage trackingObtain additional vehicle data directly from the CAN-bus. Access data like real-time odometer, fuel use, RPM and much more.

Vehicle Tracking on the GO! Fleet Tracking from your mobile phone

With our advanced vehicle tracking app (iOS and Android) you can check your account on the go. Managers have their own overview and drivers can see their own data. You can even report infringements to drivers to make them more aware of their mistakes. Read more about our app here.

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Want to know more about pricing? Request a free quote and discover how FleetGO's Vehicle Tracking System can help your business.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions on Vehicle Tracking

With FleetGO of course! It’s the right combination of GPS tracking hardware and software platform. Read more about our smart GPS Tracking hardware here and more about our platform here.
It depends on your situation and what you want. At FleetGO, basic vehicle tracking starts from £8 per month. More advanced fleet tracking will cost you around £14 monthly up to +£20 monthly for complex setups. These prices include hardware. Cheaper solutions based on buying the hardware upfront are available.

The best way to find out what vehicle tracking costs is to get a quote.

Unfortunately not. But, vehicle tracking without monthly costs are in most cases, not the answer when a professional solution is required.

We’ve invested several millions in developing a top notch telematics infrastructure. To keep up with the latest standards and feature requests from our customers, we have to continuously invest in our infrastucture.

To cover this, a monthly fee is required. In return, you’re always guaranteed of the best-in-class solution with a state-of-the-art software platform and a secure and robust GPS tracking device. And of course, our dedicated team is always there to support you.

The best way to find out what vehicle tracking costs is to request a quote.

Yes you are since you (the company) are the owner of the vehicle(s). Depending on the country, there may be some specific rules around the private use of company cars. Most important thing is to be transperant about it and respect the privacy of your employees.

On top of some ‘common sense’, FleetGO is 100% GDPR proof.

Our ‘Easy Connect‘ devices are designed to be self-installable. Our more advanced Cubiq device requires some average experience with installing electronic devices, but for this we offer a professional installation service.

For larger projects, we can train your staff to install and maintain the devices yourself.

If there is no internet connection, all recorded data will be stored on the local memory of the hardware. This local memory can store up to two months of data in the worst case scenario. Usually, internet outages are limited to a couple of hours.
FleetGO offers real time vehicle tracking. And with real time tracking, we mean real time tracking. 

But to be honest, we don’t know how often the device sends data to our servers, because we’ve developed a unique way of logging we call ‘Dynamic Logging’. With this method, the logging to the server is completely dynamic. Depending on each specific situation this can be every second, or every 30 seconds because next to time, we look at other parameters like distance, angle and speed. Read more about Dynamic Logging here.

If the device is disconnected, the backup battery makes sure that the device can still connect tou our platform. In this case, you’ll receive a alert that the power of the device is cut off.
Never! Or certified hardware never voids car warranty. Our systems don’t interfere with other systems and we keep the wiring in tact.
The FleetGO platform is available in:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Danish
  • Dutch

If your desired language is not listed, don’t worry, we can add new languages within a couple of working days.

Yes you can! Our extensive API makes integrating FleetGO in third party applications easy. Read more about our API here.
Yes, extremely secure. In fact, our entire infrastructure is designed with security in mind. We go way further than most companies and we’ve added multiple layers of security to our fleet tracking system. You can read more about our extensive security measures here.

NEW: FleetGO Easy Connect™ An easy, plug & play fleet tracking solution that everyone can install.

Simple. Secure. Solid.