Equipment Tracking Track Equipment and Machinery Real-Time

  • Real-time data
  • Track & log usage to improve utilisation
  • Automatic logging of hours of service
  • Interactive live map
  • Plug & play solution
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Equipment Tracking System In Control of Your Equipment and Machines

FleetGO’s Equipment Tracking solution enables you to track and log the usage of your equipment and machinery. You will obtain real time data and a detailed usage log, the obtained data will give you a better insight into the utilisation of your equipment,  improve efficiency and protect it against theft. Equipment Tracking can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into our other solutions.

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Equipment Tracking Features Stay in control of your equipment and machinery

Real-Time Localisation Know Where Your Equipment is

FleetGO offers a smart tracking device that can be installed on all types of equipment like cranes, shovels, excavators etc. The smart FleetGO device is very easy to install. Every asset is identified and displayed on the live-time map within the FleetGO Cloud, enabling you to know where your equipment is at all times.

Vehicle FleetGO Fleet Tracking Software Live Map

Usage Tracking Improve utilisation

FleetGO’s Equipment Tracking offers you a complete overview of the usage of the equipment. Next to real-time data, we keep a complete log of all movements and hours of service.

Mileage Tracking

Geofencing Hands-on Notifications

Geofencing is a powerful tool that enables you to set virtual boundaries around locations or specific areas. Receive an instant message (whatsapp, sms, call, email, notification) when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area, or get notified when there is some unexpected activity within or outside predefined hours.

FleetGO Geofencing Fleet Tracking

External Sensors Extend Functionality

FleetGO’s Equipment Tracking solution can easily be extended by adding external sensors. With the placement of several sensors, you can even gain more control over your equipment. Think about the placement of door sensors to track if the doors open (and where and when). Or what about temperature and humidity sensors? FleetGO offers endless possibilities!

FleetGO Events Fleet Tracking

Reports & Dashboards Detailed and flexible

Our cloud-based platform offers clear and easy to use dashboards and reports. Customize our user-friendly dashboards by adjusting them according to your needs and create reports based on the information you need.

FleetGO Fleet Tracking Platform Charts

Free iOS & Android app Always up to date

FleetGO offers a free iOS and Android app to manage your fleet while you are on the road. The apps contain the most critical features to make sure you are always on top of your fleet and data.

The drivers’ app contains features to add trip details and mark specific trips as private or business.

triplog app FleetGO Google Play
triplog app FleetGO App Store

Request a free quote! Explore what FleetGO can do for your organisation and request a free quote.

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Interactive Map

Real-time Tracking

Rugged Device

IP67 Device


Pro-active alerts

Plug & play

Easy to install

Additional Solutions Discover our Smart Add-Ons

Fleet Tracking

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Remote Tacho Download

remote tacho download

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