Geofencing Events & Alerts

  • Set virtual fences around locations or specific areas
  • Set unlimited rules and triggers for getting notified
  • Collect data on vehicle positions
  • Create activity reports based on locations
  • Receive alerts when activities outside areas take place
  • Immediately detect high speed and unplanned activities
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Geo Events and Alerts Part of the Fleet Tracking Solution

Geofencing is a valuable tool for fleet managers. Fleet managers can set rules in order to receive an alert if and whenever a vehicle departs from its assigned boundary. Define your own events and geographical zones or boundaries and receive a notification whenever an event like high speed, unplanned activity and activity outside predefined areas takes place. Our geofencing solution will allow you to prove to authorities that your vehicles respect the determined geographical boundaries.

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Notifications and Alerts Geofences & Events

Geofencing is a powerful tool that enables you to set virtual boundaries around locations or specific areas. Receive an instant message (whatsapp, sms, call, email, platform message) when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area, or get notified when there is some unexpected activity within or outside predefined hours. The powerful geofencing feature is part of our fleet tracking solution.

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Detect Unexpected Events Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

With Events you can set and manage triggers like: overspeeding, activity outside business hours, activity outside predefined areas etc. In case that an event occurs, you can receive an alert. This allows you to focus on your daily activities, managing your tracking vehicles real-time by exceptional event alerts – saving all the time you need. Set rules in order to receive alerts whenever an unplanned event takes place. This customizable feature enables you to define the events you want to be notified about. Define your own rules for: high speed, RPM, low fuel level, temperature exceptions, moving in and out predefined areas.

Add-On: Driver Identification

Real-time Visibility and Reporting by Driver

In the situation that a vehicle has more than one regular driver, you may want to use the optional Driver Identification tool. With this feature, every driver will own a personal key tag (or sticker) which is related to the driver. Once the ignition of a vehicle is turned on, the driver must authenticate with the personal tag and the device will automatically detect which driver is behind the wheel.

Add-On: Private Switch

Protect the Privacy of your Employees

When your employees are allowed to use a vehicle privately it can be neccesary to protect their privacy. The privacy switch add-on can be very useful in this particular case. Allow your employees to activate the private switch whenever using the vehicle privately. Data will be hidden from the administrator and will only be visible to the driver. You will be able to track your employee during working hours and professionnal use only.

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