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We are really excited about FleetGO’s solutions and we are happy that you are too. Now let’s spread the word and get your rewards via FleetGO’s Referral program.

Taking part is easy

The FleetGO referral program is quite easy. For every new customer you introduce to FleetGO you will receive a one-time referral fee of £50. Easy right? But that’s not all. The customer that you introduce will receive the first 2 months of subscription for free!

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Terms of the FleetGO Referral program

  1. The referral fee is £50 per referral which is contracted by FleetGO.
  2. Your referral receives 100% discount on the first 2 contract months per active device which are ordered in the first 3 months after signing the contract.
  3. Your referral can be introduced to your Referral Manager via e-mail or phone.
  4. Your referral manager will send you an overview of the fees that can be invoiced to FleetGO.
  5. The invoice can be addressed to:

    FleetGO UK Ltd. Rowan House North,
    Shrewsbury Business Park Y2 6LG Shrewsbury


    Send a email to your Referral Manager

  6. FleetGO holds to 30-day payment terms.
Arik van der Pot | Referral manager FleetGO UK
+44 (0)3333 000 321