Fuel Monitoring

Fuel consumption and fuel costs are closely related. The more fuel is consumed, the higher the costs will get. By reducing fuel consumption you will be able to lower fuel costs significantly. Monitoring fuel consumption of your fleet will put you in charge of the collected data on fuel consumption and eventually fuel costs. This will allow you to take decisions in order to lower fuel costs and increase profitability.

Fuel Consumption

By monitoring the fuel consumption of your vehicles you will obtain valuable insights into the fuel consumption of your vehicles and drivers. This will allow you to identify where fuel costs are spend unnecessary and reduce them accordingly. Green Driving means paying attention to driver behaviour, tire pressure and fuel consumption. Speeding, harsh braking, RPM and other aspects of driver behaviour can be the source of excessive fuel consumption.

Fuel Use

Fuel consumption data is recorded directly from the vehicle and send into our cloud-based platform. Be able to see fuel consumption per trip or period. By adding optional tools such as driver identification you will be able to track fuel use per driver.

Real-time Insights in Fuel Level and Consumption

  • Fuel consumption monitoring per vehicle
  • Clear reports
  • Total fuel used (lifetime)
  • Fuel level (0–100%)
  • Highly accurate fuel data via CAN

Fleet Tracking 
Connecting your fleet offers you the possibility to track your vehicles and drivers whenever you want and wherever you are. Vehicle data is sent via GPRS signals to a server, the data is translated into dashboards and reports and allow you to obtain valuable informations on your fleet and their activities or statuses. Tracking your fleet through telematics software is a simple and time saving way to optimize your fleet management. Our fleet tracking solutions offer you numerous insights such as: GPS location, vehicle and driver activities, vehicle statuses, mileage triplog, driver behavior, speed, fuel consumption and much more.