Green Driving

Get the ultimate benefit for your business with environmental savings, reduced fuel and maintenance costs, and lower CO2 emissions.

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3 year on-site warranty
10 years safe data storage
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With Green Driving, you can keep track of your drivers’ behaviour and eliminate excessive driving practices that can result in higher fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and a higher risk of damage, fines, and accidents.

Monitoring driving behaviour provides a clear understanding of driver performance. Research has shown that significant cost savings can be achieved through the implementation of effective driving monitoring practices.

Green Driving
Green Driving Analysis

Enjoy Clear Insights and Cost Savings

With our user-friendly dashboard, you have access to clear graphs that provide an instant view of each driver’s performance. Track your company’s on-the-road performance by monitoring driver behaviour and compare them to discover opportunities for improvement.

Track Your CO2 Emissions

In addition to clear top 10s and graphs, you will also have access to full reports, which can be used to check how your company performs.

Easily track your CO2 emissions with detailed reports and at-a-glance overviews of your performance. Make adjustments to achieve your goals and reduce your carbon footprint.

CO2 Tracking

Encourage Better Driving with the Green Driving Scorecard

The Green Driving Scorecard assigns drivers with scores based on their driving behaviour over a specific period, helping you encourage better driving practices. Make it a competition, and see drivers improve their driving skills to top the charts!

Keep Driving behaviour in Check

Green Driving gives you complete visibility over your drivers’ behaviour , so you can spot any deviations and make necessary improvements. Our advanced FleetGO Black Box tracks various aspects of driving. This includes speed, stationary times, miles driven, braking, acceleration, and turning behaviour. With the optional CAN-bus connection, you can also monitor fuel consumption and engine speed.

Driver Behaviour

Make a Difference with Accurate Measurements

Our FleetGO Black Box provides accurate measurements of driving behaviour, so you can make informed decisions and drive your business forward. With clear dashboards, you can compare drivers, link fuel cards, and encourage greener driving practices.

Clear dashboards

Accurate measurements

Compare drivers

Link fuel cards

Encourage drivers

Empowering Greener Driving

With a comprehensive dashboard at your fingertips, you now have all the information you need to track and understand the driving behaviour of your drivers and vehicle fleet. This dashboard gives you an exciting bird’s eye view of your organization’s performance, enabling you to easily see which drivers and vehicles are shining stars, whether through a top ten or individual performance comparison.

The green driving module brings the performance of your drivers to the forefront, making it easier than ever to encourage and inspire them to drive more sustainably. With transparent feedback on their driving behaviour, you can challenge them to step up their game and make a positive impact on the environment, reducing fuel costs and maintenance costs while decreasing CO2 emissions. So why wait? Let’s take the first step towards a greener future, together!

Get ready for some impressive savings with Green Driving

By gaining insight into your driving performance and changing your driving habits, you can expect to save a whopping 10% on fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions. But wait, it gets even better! Take a driving skills training course with one of our partners and you could save up to a huge 15-20%. Not only that, but you’ll also reduce the risk of accidents and damage, as well as lower maintenance and repair costs.

Get Excited for Green Driving with FleetGO!

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