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Green Driving Solutions Reduce CO2 Emission and Fuel Costs

Our Green Driving solutions enable you to save fuel costs, increase safety and become a greener company by reducing the CO2 emission. Monitor driver behaviour and fuel consumption in order to improve the performances of your drivers and your fleet.

Green driving
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Insights in Driving Performance Set and Monitor Eco Driving Targets for Your Company

The intelligent FleetGO control unit measures critical KPIs about driver behaviour like: speeding, harsh accelerations, harsh braking and excessive cornering. Training (and maintaining) good driver behaviour will improve the safety of your employees and let you save lots of operational fleet costs.

With the optional CAN/FMS connection it’s possible to retrieve a wide range of extra parameters directly from the vehicles like odometer, RPM, fuel consumption, use of cruise control, engine temperature and so on.

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Fuel Monitoring Save on Fuel Expenses

You are able to monitor the fuel consumption of your fleet with Green Driving from FleetGO. Monitoring fuel consumption of your fleet will put you in charge of the collected data on fuel consumption and eventually fuel costs.

Fuel monitoring

Driver Behaviour Monitoring Improve company image, road safety and vehicle performance

Save tons of operational costs on your fleet, fuel expenses and maintenance costs. With the driver behaviour monitoring tool from FleetGO you get a detailed view on the performance of your vehicles and your drivers. Keep up the reputation of your company by showing your customers you always put safety first by ensuring your employees drive safely and responsibly.

Detailed Driver Performance Analytics Real-Time Driver Behaviour per Trip

  • Harsh accelerations
  • Harsh braking
  • Excessive cornering
  • Virtual speed limiter
  • Fuel consumption (only with CAN/FMS)
  • Virtual RPM limiter (only with CAN/FMS)
Mileage Tracking

Add-On: Driver Identification

Real-time Visibility and Reporting by Driver

In the situation that a vehicle has more than one regular driver, you may want to use the optional Driver Identification tool. With this feature, every driver will own a personal key tag (or sticker) which is related to the driver. Once the ignition of a vehicle is turned on, the driver must authenticate with the personal tag and the device will automatically detect which driver is behind the wheel.

Add-On: Private Switch

Protect the Privacy of your Employees

When your employees are allowed to use a vehicle privately it can be neccesary to protect their privacy. The privacy switch add-on can be very useful in this particular case. Allow your employees to activate the private switch whenever using the vehicle privately. Data will be hidden from the administrator and will only be visible to the driver. You will be able to track your employee during working hours and professionnal use only.

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