Driver Behaviour Monitoring Improve company image, road safety and vehicle performance

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  • Analyse driver behaviour
  • Set targets & goals for your company
  • Upgrade with CAN/FMS data for more parameters
  • In-dept reports & flexible to organise
  • Real Time GPS Tracking included
  • Easy to use management dashboards
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Driver Behaviour and Road Safety A Detailed view on the Performance of your Vehicles and your Drivers

Save tons of operational costs on your fleet, fuel expenses and maintenance costs. With the driver behaviour monitoring tool from FleetGO you obtain a detailed view on the performance of your vehicles and your drivers. Keep up the reputation of your company by showing your customers you always put safety first by ensuring your employees drive safely and responsibly.

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Eco Driving Measure Critical KPI's

The intelligent FleetGO control unit measures critical KPIs about driver behaviour like: speeding, harsh accelerations, harsh braking and excessive cornering. Training (and maintaining) good driver behaviour will improve the safety of your employees and let you save lots of operational fleet costs. With the optional CAN/FMS interface it’s possible to retrieve a wide range of extra parameters directly from the vehicles like odometer, RPM, fuel consumption, use of cruise control, engine temperature and so on.

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  • Compare vehicles, drivers, groups, etc.
  • Highest & average speed
  • Harsh accelerations & harsh braking
  • Fuel consumption
  • Excessive behaviour
  • Distance traveled
  • Time spent (driving, stopping and idling)

Eco Driving Score Cards and Reports Compare Performances

See how your drivers are performing in one simple report. Easy to interpret reports to see how your vehicles and driver are performing in relation to each other, to their department or to the entire company. Set goals and targets and generate personal scoring cards.

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Create Reports Reports for all Activities

Create a report that accurately shows remaining driving times for today, the current week and next week. The same report also shows when the next weekly rest period is due and shows how long this rest period (at least) should be. Use this report to easily plan trips for your driver without risking any violations of Regulation (EC) 561/2006 and AETR.

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