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3 year on-site warranty
10 years safe data storage
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Making miles, secondments and employment agencies are known for it. Young professionals who are on their way to clients throughout the country on a daily basis. The (lease) car still plays a central role and smart management is essential to keep mobility costs as low as possible. Fines, damages, high fuel costs, electric or non-electric driving and unwanted contract recalculations. As a fleet manager, you have to deal with all kinds of factors on a daily basis that makes management complex and costs high. FleetGO creates insight and grip on every mobility park. Start with FleetGO and save up to 15% on your mobility costs.

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FleetGO helps service providers with countless smart solutions such as:

Direct insight about kilometres driven versus contract kilometres
Analyze driver behavior
Unique solution for electric vehicles
Smart Driver Identification
Automatically import fuel data
Associations fleet tracking
Real-time insight into the complete fleet
Easy integration with existing software systems
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Fleet Tracking

Keep an eye on your entire fleet with FleetGO’s Fleet Tracking system and ensure that you use your vehicles as efficiently as possible.

Because you have insight into when vehicles are available, you can make the right preparations and shorten the lead time. This makes planning your operation a lot easier.

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