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3 year on-site warranty
10 years safe data storage
Proprietary soft/hardware
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The best solutions for Municipalities, provinces and other official organizations

Fleet management that is reliable and data that is stored securely. Both are of great importance to this sector. Another feature is the wide variety of equipment. One look at a municipal yard and you see, among other things, (shared) cars, tractors, lawnmowers, e-bikes, trucks and machines. How do you keep control and insight on all these assets? Especially if these are used by several employees. FleetGO provides the total solution, from fleet management and Remote tacho download to equipment management and e-bike tracking. We continuously strive for maximum reliability and security. FleetGO, therefore, fits perfectly with the strict requirements of provinces, municipalities and other official organizations.

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Whether it concerns a small or large organisation, FleetGO always has a suitable solution that can grow with you and your organisation. FleetGO helps Municipalities with countless smart applications such as:

One-stop shop | Manage all vehicles and drivers in 1 environment
Tracking from e-bikes to cars, trucks to tractors and lawnmowers to tools
Proactive maintenance planning

Reporting of operating hours of machines
Associations fleet tracking
High-security data storage
Easy integration with existing software systems
Link with own identification means such as RFID tags
Read tachograph data remotely
Unique solution for electric vehicles

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Fleet Management

Keep an eye on your entire fleet with FleetGO’s Fleet Tracking system and ensure that you use your vehicles as efficiently as possible.

Because you have insight into when vehicles are available, you can make the right preparations and shorten the lead time. This makes planning your operation a lot easier.

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Equipment management

Thanks to our equipment management solution you get a complete overview of the use of the equipment and machines.

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Read digital tachograph

With FleetGO’s Remote Tacho Download, you will never have to manually download the .ddd files of your vehicles or driver card again: all files will be downloaded automatically, no matter where your vehicles or drivers are located.

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