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Discover how FleetGO makes planning and administration for Maintenance & Installation easier.

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The best Fleet Management Solution for Maintenance & Installation companies

FleetGO helps Maintenance & Installation companies by providing van tracking solutions and the possibility to deploy employees in a more efficient way. Our system contributes to the administrative processes thanks to automatic fleet tracking with the help of GPS.

Within Maintenance & Installation companies, planning and time are essential and the company van is an important part of this. Different items have to be transported every day and agreements with the customer must be fulfilled on time. In addition, there are also administrative processes. This is always a challenge and becomes more difficult as the number of appointments, company vans and employees grows.

FleetGO helps Maintenance & Installation companies by always providing live insight into the company vans and drivers. For example, the location is always live visible for the planning and trips are automatically logged with time registration on location.

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Whether it concerns a small or large company, FleetGO always has a suitable solution that can grow with you and your company. FleetGO helps companies that are active in maintenance and installation with countless smart applications such as:

One stop shop | Manage all vehicles and drivers in 1 environment
Dynamic logging for optimal routes
Vehicle data available such as fuel consumption and real kilometres driven (no GPS!)
Real-time map overview of vehicles and drivers
Automatic driver identification
Geofencing for locations, visits and time registrations
Automatic fleet tracking in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Authorities
Driving behavior monitoring

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Fleet Tracking

Keep an eye on your entire fleet with FleetGO’s Fleet Tracking system and ensure that you use your vehicles as efficiently as possible.

Because you have insight into when vehicles are available, you can make the right preparations and shorten the lead time. This makes planning your operation a lot easier.

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Follow your machines and equipment

The GPS Tracker is also suitable for installation in machines and equipment. You will always have insight into the current location and status of these objects. Protect your property against theft and gain better insight into operating hours.

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Complete solution for tachograph data

FleetGO has developed a solution for trucks to completely take care of tachograph data.

All tachograph data containing the legal driving and rest times are automatically read out and stored in the FleetGO Cloud. Here you can then view and analyze all the necessary data. This minimizes the risk of hefty fines.

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