Discover how FleetGO helps painting companies to keep track of equipment and administration.

Monthly terminable
Low monthly fee
3 year on-site warranty
10 years safe data storage
Proprietary soft/hardware
Easy to use

Painters work more efficiently with FleetGO

Various painting companies use FleetGO to work more efficiently. Automatic Fleet Tracking is particularly popular, but our equipment management solution is also used to gain insight into the location and consumption of equipment and machines.

Improve the employability of painters and equipment

With our solution you are always aware of the exact location of personnel, equipment and tools. In this way, you always know whether your staff and resources are being used sufficiently and you can make an efficiency improvement in the use of your company resources.

Associated with:

FleetGO helps Painters with fleet management and equipment management solutions, we support, among other things, with:

Automatic Fleet Tracking
Distinction between business and private kilometres
Registration of working and travel hours
Driving behavior monitoring
Fuel consumption monitoring
Time registration per project/location
Tracking Equipment
Geofencing (digital fencing)

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Automatic fleet tracking for all your vehicles and staff

It is no longer necessary to manually keep track of your vehicles and staff. Thanks to FleetGO’s smart GPS solution, the tracking is kept fully automatic, so you don’t have to worry about wrong entries and you can focus on your job.

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Track your tools and equipment and protect yourself from theft

FleetGO’s equipment management solution gives you a continuous overview of your valuable equipment and tools. You can even receive notifications when your equipment is moving, so you can easily and quickly anticipate unexpected events.

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