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Discover how FleetGO can help companies active in the security sector.

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Useful solutions for security services

In addition to the fact that the FleetGO solutions are in general extremely suitable for companies in the security industry, we also offer a number of special features for this industry.

For example, the vehicle can be equipped with a special ‘panic button’, with which the security guard can immediately send an emergency signal from the vehicle when a calamity occurs. Or what do you think of a report of the driven routes and visited locations to inform your customer? In addition, central planning can quickly determine which vehicle can reach its destination the fastest.

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Security companies use the following FleetGO solutions, among others:

Real-time insight into the location and status of security guards
Panic button option
Mileage registration (also ideal for end users!)
Evidence to customer
Closed time registration
Geofencing (digital fencing)

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Act quickly in an emergency

Thanks to the real-time tracking system, you can always act quickly in an emergency. With the optional panic button, the security guard can send out an emergency signal and the planning can quickly deploy the nearest vehicle in the event of an emergency

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Conclusive reporting for your customers

Because all vehicle movements, times and locations are accurately registered, you always have a conclusive report for your customers. This way you avoid discussion and you give your customer 100% confidence.

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