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The best solutions for Transport; drivers, trucks, trailers (dry/cooled), tacho management and live data

FleetGO helps with both the transport operation and administrative tasks that are bound by legislation.

Business management in the transport sector requires enormous discipline. A fleet manager has to take care of different tasks at the same time and the pressure on the operation can be high. FleetGO offers the total solution to make many of these tasks easier.

FleetGO always offers live insight into all drivers, trucks and trailers, in this way the fleet manager can act faster when needed. FleetGO also automates tacho management. Files of trucks and drivers are automatically downloaded and analysed for violations.

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Whether it concerns a small or large company, FleetGO always has a suitable solution that can grow with you and your company. FleetGO helps companies active in transport industrie with countless smart applications such as:

One-stop shop | Manage all vehicles and drivers in 1 environment
Real-time map of trucks and trailers (both refrigerated and dry)
Automatically and remotely read tachograph and driver card data
Automatic analysis for working hours and violations
Secure tacho storage in the FleetGO cloud
Receive error messages from trucks in real-time
Always insight into the remaining driving times of drivers
Geofencing for loading and unloading registrations
Temperature registration for refrigerated transport

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Read digital tachograph

With FleetGO Remote Tacho Download you have a very complete and user-friendly system for a complete tachograph archive.

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Tachograph Infringements

Tachograph analysis

FleetGO’s tachograph analysis software provides you with a powerful tool for managing, checking and archiving your tachograph files and whether your drivers adhere to driving and rest times.

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Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking from FleetGO gives you a powerful tool to manage your fleet of trailers and to optimize your operation.

Thanks to temperature monitoring, the correct temperature can always be guaranteed for the resources you are transporting.

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Fleet Tracking

Keep an eye on your entire fleet with FleetGO’s Fleet Tracking system and ensure that you use your vehicles as efficiently as possible.

Because you have insight into when vehicles are available, you can make the right preparations and shorten the lead time. This makes planning your operation a lot easier.

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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

With FleetGO you can easily monitor the temperature of your goods remotely.

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With our remote TPMS solution, you can view the tire pressure of your trucks, buses and trailers remotely and in one dashboard in real-time.

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