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    Kevin Kuitems
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    Fleet Tracking and Tachograph Analysis
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In conversation with Kevin Kuitems, Service Manager Rotterdam. Uses FleetGO for Live tracking, Monitoring of work and travel times, Kilometre costs and Fiscal accountability.

What does Alphatron do?

Alphatron is an international shipping company, with expertise extending across the broad field of maritime electronics. Alphatron is an importer, producer, developer, supplier and service provider of high quality navigation, communication and automation systems. Every day, many service engineers travel all over the world to carry out repairs and maintenance on various ships. Alphatron is also active in the field of specialist IT solutions and Entertainment concepts for maritime markets such as Shipping, Inland Shipping and Mega Yachting. Alphatron also operates in the field of onshore communication and IT solutions.

"We have a permanent contact person at FleetGO, so the employee in question is well informed of the situation and that works really well! "

Kevin Kuitems

How does FleetGO support these activities?

Every day at Alphatron, dozens of service engineers are managed from the head office in Rotterdam. The planning is often done at short notice and, in the event of breakdowns, we must be able to respond quickly to customer demand. A team of service coordinators in the office supervises the entire process from assignment to performance, and ensures that the right service engineer is in the right place at the right time with the required equipment.

Alphatron’s breakdown service is active 24/7. FleetGO is used to determine the live locations of its employees, so we can immediately assess which service engineer can best be deployed. As a result, service engineers are deployed more effectively, because projects can easily be combined with this insight into live locations.

FleetGO can also be used to actively monitor work and travel times, so Alphatron can closely oversee the field service. Initially, there was some resistance from the employees, but FleetGO is also now actively used by the field service to fill in timesheets, for example. With the software, each employee has their own login that ensures that they have access to their personal administration.

In addition, employees have a private/business switch in their vehicle so that private journeys are invisible to the administrators in FleetGO, and employee privacy is assured. In addition to live monitoring and keeping track of working hours, FleetGO is also used to charge kilometres to the client. It is possible to see exactly how many kilometres have been driven per project. This way, Alphatron can easily recuperate these costs. FleetGO is also used for fiscal purposes for employees who do not pay an additional tax.

What do you think of the collaboration with FleetGO?

Our collaboration with FleetGO is going well. If we have any queries, we are immediately contacted by an employee who can help right away. The FleetGO engineers are also easy to reach, and communication for scheduling assignments runs smoothly. Alphatron has a permanent contact person at FleetGO, so the employee in question is well informed of the situation and that works really well!

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