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Refrigerated transport

Who are FEDIPAT?

FEDIPAT, the French network that specialises in the distribution of frozen products for professionals in the catering trade (artisans, bakers, caterers, restaurateurs and cooking stations), chose FleetGO to monitor its fleet of 60 vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

Since 2005, FEDIPAT has distributed more than 900 different items of bakery, cake, pastry and snack products to its customers located in the North of France, Normandy, the Paris region, Orleans and Lyon. Between the constraints of temperature traceability, the need to optimise routes and reduce administrative management times, FEDIPAT decided, in 2019, to equip its own fleet with an on-board computer solution.

An all-in-one solution

“We were looking for a complete telematics solution that was effective enough to give our various operators the option of monitoring all of our fleets,” says Kim Loulou, fleet manager at FEDIPAT. “It had to meet 5 criteria: an efficient geolocation of vehicles; the monitoring of temperatures to guarantee quality of service that met with our requirements; the sending of business data remotely to overcome the constraints of solutions using telematics boxes and to make monitoring our continuous performance easier; and reduction of the time required for payroll processing by our HR department as well as something that offered real prospects in terms of development so we can plan for and better understand future issues. By responding to these various needs, FleetGO has established itself as a solution of choice.”

Refrigerated transport

FleetGO has deployed a self-named solution designed for monitoring temperature-controlled transport. This uses the CubiQ on-board telematics box (connected by Bluetooth to temperature sensors in the trailer) which relays all the fleet data to the Cloud platform and the solution’s mobile app. The sensors monitor up to four areas simultaneously and integrate perfectly with FleetGO telematics solutions, making it a very powerful tool. All data and reports are available on the Cloud platform and can be used for proactive monitoring of the refrigerated truck fleet.

An intuitive and easy-to-understand interface

“FleetGO addresses all of our issues and offers an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface for any operator who is not an IT expert. Implementing the tool and using it was instantaneous. Our issues are better understood and we are beginning to appreciate the options for planning ahead with the different issues that we face,” says Kim Loulou.

Better delivery management

Since the implementation of FleetGO, FEDIPAT has already noticed better management of deliveries. “The geolocation improves our flow control and guarantees better responsiveness. We can see the real day-to-day picture of our job thanks to the multiple analysis options. In addition, the temperature checks give us real peace of mind since we can now continuously monitor the temperatures of our vehicles throughout the week. Keeping an eye on the cold chain is an essential dimension to our business and the requirements of our customers oblige us to maintain standards of excellence. The option of setting alerts and reading temperatures continuously makes our monitoring that much easier. On weekends, certain employees no longer need to stay on the premises to monitor temperatures on screens. They now just receive an alert on their mobile phone if there’s a temperature anomaly. Lastly, the remote company data reports give us the option of better monitoring actual working times in real time. Among other things, this helps us govern recovery time better. It is also a solution that saves the HR department time they would usually spend on payroll management.”

The future of Fedipat

Based on their partnership with FleetGO, FEDIPAT has future plans to improve the maintenance of its fleet via a remote diagnostic solution which means vehicle error codes can be read remotely. This solution will focus on vehicle maintenance and will also help anticipate breakdowns and repairs.