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  • Client

    Top Movers - P.A. van Rooyen
  • Project Leader

    Bram van Plooy
  • Date

    November 2018
  • Solution

    Remote Tacho Download
  • Website

Top Movers - P.A. van Rooyen

P.A. van Rooyen – Top Movers began as boatmen but developed into an (inter)national removal firm over the centuries. Bram Plooy, operational director: “We do everything to do with removals. From emptying houses or businesses to setting up a new space. And where there are heavy goods vehicles, there are tachograph regulations. P.A. van Rooyen need look no further than the Remote Tacho Download module from FleetGO.”

Van Rooyen

Peace of mind while moving house

P.A. van Rooyen has already know how to provide people with complete peace of mind while moving house for five generations. Everying is organised down to the smallest detail. Customers can see this in its storage options and excellent removal, assembly, and delivery services. P.A. van Rooyen also provides a logistics service which transports various goods from A to B via its logistics centre in Mijdrecht every day. The company’s sustainable approach is continually gaining more ground in all these processes. Bram: “We use sustainable removal materials, manage waste in an environmentally responsible way and give discarded furniture a new life by selling it to customers. We also keep our fleet as clean as possible. Our diesel engines are in the best emissions class and we use LNG, hybrid and electric vehicles. We also have three LHV combinations to save on journeys and minimise CO2 emissions. We want future generations to also be able to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.”


P.A. van Rooyen came across two ‘candidates’ while looking for a telematic systems provider, one of which was FleetGO. Bram: “After FleetGO had given us a presentation on all the features of the system, they referred us to a company that they had already worked with for a review of the user experience. The confidence with which they referred us to them made all the difference. If you do that, then you are really sure that you have a good product.”

Manual recordings are history

P.A. van Rooyen has been using Remote Tacho Download from FleetGO for seven years now. Bram: “Our expectations have been surpassed by far. The Remote Tacho Download saves us loads of time; having to take manual tachograph readings is a great hassle. You really need an automatic reading system for a fleet of 15 vans. The Remote Tacho Download enables us to comply with all tachograph rules and regulations. All our other lorries, trailers, vans and cars are also equipped with the FleetGO system. It is an indispensable planning tool as it enables us to see where our drivers are going in real time. We can give our customers exact arrival times and react well to ad-hoc tasks. We can also respond to unfair fines with a report to show what really happened.”

Short communication channels

Bram describes communication with FleetGO in the same way as the system: trustworthy. Bram: “We can really rely on the system, just like the people at FleetGO. Until now I have mainly dealt with someone in planning and installation. The lines of communication are short, so questions are resolved quickly. If something needs to be installed or extended again, then sometimes I even just call the same fitter to get it sorted. That’s pretty great. I expect that we will be able to maintain this current communication channel for a long time, as the system has even more features that we are yet to make use of. There’s still so much more to enjoy.”

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