Remote Temperature Monitoring with Valor

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  • Constantly monitors temperature inside the trailer
  • Automatic alerts when temperature changes
  • Monitor up to four zones, 24/7
  • Wireless sensors and long-lasting battery life (5-7 years)
  • HACCP compliant
  • Track temperatures through the life of a shipment
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Wireless and Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Temperature Monitoring System TempTrac

The Valor TempTrac Temperature Monitoring System has been specifically engineered to help you meet today’s demanding temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. This system is designed to display critical data regarding mobile refrigerated compartments on trucks and trailers. Whether it be fresh products, frozen goods, or sensitive assets such as pharmaceuticals, TempTrac ensures that you deliver accurately, reliably and safely.

FleetGO temperature monitoring
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Choose Between Three Different Setups

Fixed refrigerator

Standard trailer / tractor

Autonomous trailer (for 24/7 monitoring)

Temperature Monitoring Kit By Valor

The Valor patented solution monitors up to four zones simultaneously, and is seamlessly integrated into FleetGO’s telematics solutions which makes it a very powerful tool. All data and reports are available within the flexible cloud platform and allows you to proactively monitor your fleet.

The Valor TempTrac kits exists of a transceiver, an antenna, and a sensor. This kit is connected to the intelligent FleetGO black box, which is transmitting all data into our cloud platform.


Over shipment temperatures


HACCP compliant


And easy to install


Real-time temperature alerts

FleetGO Temperature Monitoring Cold Chain Transport

A Powerful Cold Chain Transport Tool Critical Temperature Data and Alerts

The TempTrac Temperature Monitoring allows you to track the temperature of your trailers to protect temperature sensitive goods from perishing and helps you to ensure HACCP compliance by tracking and storing temperature data. The kit is able to retrieve temperature data from up to 4 different zones. Track temperatures through the life of a shipment and trend temperatures over time. Stay on top of your shipments with real-time alerts, unlimited reports and zone monitoring.

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