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Daily Walkaround Check & Defects Report

In the UK a daily walkaround check for Heavy Goods Vehicle’s (HGV’s) is mandatory. Drivers must perform a check on a daily basis to make sure the HGV is safe to drive. Companies must keep a solid record with the results of these daily walkaround checks. Topic on this page:

Daily Walkaround Check Free Download

We’ve created a handy form for you to keep a solid record, which you can download here for free. Daily walkaround checks are part of having an effective vehicle maintenance system. For more information see: GOV.uk

Daily Walkaround Check Free Download

Big savings to win for tachograph analysts
The way tachograph symbols eases the analysis of tachograph data, a remote download solution of the tachograph files will boost any analyst’s and fleet managers’ time and concerns savings. A universal Remote Tacho Download solution has been designed in order to unburden fleet managers by automating the download of digital tachograph files of all manufacturers. Instead of manually downloading tachograph and driver data from the vehicle, the FleetGO solution enables the fleet manager to see and analyze all digital tachograph files in one single platform. Data is sent via our control unit directly into the platform. All files are checked on completeness and integrity so you know for sure if your archive meets the EU-regulations. To organize one’s process of collection and storage the .ddd files becomes easier than ever before.

Remote Tacho Download Solution

Automatic Download of Digital Tachograph Files

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