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The Smart Tachograph FleetGO

The Smart Tachograph

The European Council made the 'smart tachograph' mandatory from 15 June 2019 in every bus ...
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Driving without card

Driving without tachograph card

Driving without a tachograph driver card is considered a serious infringement of the tachograph rules, yet it ...
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tachograph rules

Tachograph Infringements and Fines

The violation of driving and rest time regulations is severely fined. Abuse or misuse of ...
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Daily Walkaround Checklist

Daily Walkaround Check & Defects Report

In the UK a daily walkaround check for Heavy Goods Vehicle’s (HGV’s) is mandatory. Drivers ...
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Tachograph exemptions

Tachograph Exemptions

Since the introduction in 2006 of the EU regulation to harmonise road traffic within the ...
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Tachograph obligation

Tachograph obligation

The tachograph duty comes from the European obligation to register the driving and rest times ...
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Remote Tachograph Download Automatic downloads of tachograph files and driver cards.