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Short-range wireless tachograph downloading (WIFI)

When your company is required to have a tachograph, you will also be required to comply with the regulations regarding the deadlines for the download of data from mass memory and your drivers’ cards. Downloading the .DDD files (tachograph and driver card data) can be done in several ways, but must be carried out within the following timeframes 

  • Tachograph mass memory data: every 90 days 
  • Driver card data: every 28 days  

In this articlewe will give an introduction to short-range wireless downloading of .DDD files, with a brief presentation of related products. 

Short-range tachograph download  

Downloading of data from the mass memory and driver card, and the transmission of the encrypted data to the office computer via WLAN is known as short-range, while remote download is carried out via GPRS. Downloading of .DDD files is carried out from the company’s head office, which also defines the download intervals. With the short-range solution, the company card does not need to be inserted in the digital tachograph and can remain in the office, since authentication is done via wireless. This means that the encrypted data can be downloaded on time, and stored directly in the office as required by the regulations.


If you do not download in time, not only do you risk penalties, but there is also the risk that old data will be overwritten by new data if the storage limit of the internal memory has been reached.

Which devices can I use to download tachograph data
short-range wireless 

The most common solution for data download from digital tachographs and driver cards is the DLD Short Range from VDO, which can be combined with the Remote TCO Manager. There is also the Digifobpro WiFi solution, where the downloaded data is transmitted via WiFi cloud functionality to the management system. It is possible to transmit files via Bluetooth: the device which is suitable for this solution is the DTCO SmartLink Pro, which can, however, only download the data from the driver card and not the tachograph.

1: DLD Short Range

With this version of VDO’s wireless download, the transfer of the mass memory data from the digital tachograph and the driver card is done via the local WLAN network, when the vehicle enters or is located on company premises. Through the DLD, which collects and encrypts data, a connection is established between the digital chrono tachograph and the data management solution (e.g. Remote TCO Manager) on the main office computer. The authentication takes place between the company card and the digital tachograph.  


2: Digifobpro WiFi

The Digifobpro transfers data from the driver card and the mass memory of the tachograph via a WiFi networkwithout the need for Bluetooth or fiddly cables, or a permanent computer connection. However, the device requires to be within range of a wireless network. 

It is necessary to start the tachograph download and driver card files, and then select the WiFi cloud option for data transmission. The data will be transmitted from the moment the Digifob is connected to a WiFi network (router or mobile hotspot) to be able to upload the .DDD files onto the desired platform 


3: DTCO SmartLink Pro – Bluetooth

The SmartLink Pro from VDO operates with Bluetooth. The device must be inserted in the tachograph, the tachograph can thus be connected to your smartphone, and the data can be viewed via an app. Although installation is simple and the app offers various features, data download is only possible for the driver card and not for the mass memory of the tachograph. For this reason, it is not possible to be completely compliant with the regulations.


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Remote Tacho Download Solution

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FleetGO Tacho Download Long- Range (GPRS)

The solutions proposed above may include the risk that the .DDD files may not be completely compliant with the required timeframes, as they depend on a WiFi network and are not automatically downloaded.

The solution for downloading tachograph data remotely through the FleetGO device has been designed to help fleet managers with the automation of remote data download from digital tachographs. Instead of manually downloading the tachograph and driver data from the vehicle, our solution allows the fleet manager to see all the files of the digital tachograph in a single platform. The data are sent through our control unit, which is connected to the digital chronotachograph, directly to the platform. All files are checked for completeness and integrity so that the fleet manager always knows if his archive meets EU regulations.

You can find more information on the remote download of tachograph data here.

Remote Tacho Download Solution

Automatic Download of Digital Tachograph Files

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