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Top 3 Tachograph Violations Update: 2018

After more than 5 years of downloading and analyzing tachograph data, FleetGO analyzed over 50 million hours of tachograph data. In this huge amount of data, we’ve made a top 3 of most common tachograph violations.

1: Interrupting the resting period

The European regulation states that all resting periods shouldn’t be interrupted. In the analyzed data we’ve found a lot of situations where the resting period, intentionally or unintentionally, was interrupted. We’ve found two causes: one is that is was caused by driving very short periods of time (maybe by moving the vehicle) and the other by mistakenly setting the tachograph to work state.

A lot of drivers don’t realize that by moving the truck, the tachograph automatically jumps to work state. That also happens when the driver performs actions on the tachograph like insertion or removal of the driver card or entering shift start or end countries: with the push on some buttons, the resting period gets interrupted.

We’ve also seen this a lot with the interruption of a weekly rest. Let us explain it with an example:

If the driver goes to the vehicle to vehicle on the night before he actually starts working. For example: to pick up some documents or prepare for the trip. If he inserts his driver card that evening or enters data in the tachograph, the resting period gets unintentionally interrupted. In this particular case, the next time till the next weekly rest has been cut off dramatically and he risks to take a full weekly rest instead of a reduced rest for that period.

2: Incorrect manual data entry

When a driver puts his card into the tachograph, he needs to manually enter data about what he did during the period the driver card was not in the tachograph. In most cases, this means that the driver has been resting. Unfortunately, we’ve found a lot of situations where drivers did not enter any information or have entered wrong information about this period. This may lead to some serious infringements on driving an rest times.

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3: Too many reduced daily rests taken

Drivers are allowed to take a maximum of three reduced daily rests within a work week. Most drivers are aware of that but still, a lot of drivers violate this rule with a risk on a huge tachograph fine. So why is this one of the most common tachograph violations?
The problem lies in the following two rules:

  • Resting periods should be taking within a 24 hour period
  • Resting for precise periods of 9 or 11 hours

Resting periods should be taking within a 24 hour period

The daily rest should be taken within the 24 hour period after starting the work. It seems that a lot of drivers start their daily rest too late so their planned resting period doesn’t fit in this 24 hour timeframe.

For example: the driver has been working for 14 hours and planned a regular daily rest of 11 hours, totaling 25 hours. In this situation, only 10 hours of rest fit in the 24 hour time period.

Resting for precise periods of 9 or 11 hours

The precise measurement of resting hours is also a slippery slope. If you mis even one minute of your planned resting time of 11 hours, it will automatically convert your 11 hours to the reduced daily rest.

For example: if a driver misses 1 minute from his (planned) 11 hours rest on his first day and makes 3 reduced rest breaks of 9 hours, he (most likely unintentionally) misses 2 hours of rest in his last break because in his first rest, he already (automatically) took a reduced rest time of 9 hours.

If the driver does not notice this fact in time, this may lead to a situation where the driver unintentionally infringes his minimum rest time. A very serious tachograph violation with a high fine.

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