TPMS Tyre Pressure Wireless Monitoring System

  • 24/7 real-time data of tyre pressure
  • Easy to set thresholds and alerts on high/low pressure values
  • Detect deflating and anticipate tyre change
  • Detailed reports
  • Works with all standard monitoring systems
  • Easy to install (if no TPMS is available)
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Real-time Insights in Tyre Pressure of Trucks, Buses and Trailers

Our Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) enables you to see the real-time tyre pressure of your trucks, buses and trailers remotely and in one single dashboard. Tyre Pressure Monitoring is designed to give fleet owners actionable insights to prevent breakdowns and avoid unnecessary costs.

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FleetGO tyre pressure monitoring system platform

Increase the Life-Time of your Tyres Save on Fuel Costs and Reduce CO2 Emission

FleetGO TPMS is designed for fleet owners in order to stay fully in control of the tyre pressure of the entire fleet. With our TPMS you are able to keep the pressure right and detect deflating instantly. This will allow you to extend the lifetime of the tyres, prevent breakdowns and cut down on fuel costs.

Stay in control

Of tyre pressure

Save costs

Prevent breakdowns

Maintain long-life

By keeping the tyre pressure right

Increase efficiency

Receive tyre pressure alerts

FleetGO GPS Tracking Software Driver Identification

Real-Time Tyre Pressure Data Stay in Control

Our TPMS solution helps you to timely detect deflating or urgent situations due to too high or to low tyre pressure. Set your own triggers and receive alerts whenever a situation occurs. The best part is that you have access to the tyre pressure data of your entire fleet using one single dashboard.

Additional Solutions Obtain more data and control with these smart add-ons

Fleet Tracking

Track your vehicles real-time from one single dashboard and be able to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs

Remote Diagnostics

Our Remote Vehicle Diagnostics solution offers you a complete overview of the status and health of your entire fleet.

Remote Tacho Download Solution

remote tacho downloadAutomatic download of all .ddd-files from your vehicles and driver cards

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