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FleetGO Group A Leading Tech Company

We founded FleetGO officially in 2010, but our history goes back way further. Today we’re one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies. Our headquarter is based in The Netherlands (Zwolle) and we have offices in Germany (Berlin) and the UK (London).

We deliver high-end telematics solutions for small, medium and large businesses. We help to create smarter fleets with actionable data and insights on driver and fleet performance, vehicle usage, diagnostics info, and tachograph data.

We have a strong focus on technology and our customers. We believe that, together with our customers, we can deliver the best possible solutions. Daily over 4,000 companies in Europe rely on the FleetGO platform to optimize their operations and lower their costs.

Join our team! Are you looking for a (new) challenge in your career? Join FleetGO! Take a look at our job openings.

+45000 Vehicles Connected

+3500 Happy Customers

+10 Years of Experience

Our Story

We see that in a lot of companies, vehicles are a big part of daily operations. Our experience in the industry of vehicle telematics taught us that providing key information about vehicles and drivers and could help companies to improve efficiency and lower costs

Our Vision

In our opinion the end users should never be submerged with enormous quantities of data, they should instead be offered clear and concise information. Therefore we look at data in a slightly different way and aggregate it smartly in order to create a profitable information flow.

Our Promise

OEM’s are offering factory built telematics solutions. Unfortunately most of these solutions turn out to be very basic, inflexible and are brand/type specific. FleetGO offers fleet owners and managers full control over their vehicles AND their data.

Our Offer

As a tech company we want to offer the world an easy to use, affordable and manufacturer independent telematics system. Our lightweight and highly standardized solutions will empower the fleet owners and managers to gain more control over their vehicles and drivers.

We grow pretty fast!

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