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Asset tracking has never been easier! With the help of FleetGO’s state-of-the-art asset tracking technology, you can access and analyse key data-driven insights on your entire fleet of vehicles. All day, every day.

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In the past a company was blind to the location of its fleet of vehicles. Once a lorry or van departed the depot, a manager could not change its route, update the driver with vital information, or track its progress. Thanks to the revolution in asset tracking technology, this is no longer the case.

Any business that operates a large fleet recognises the inherent challenges of tracking their vehicles in real-time. How can managers gain detailed, accurate information about the performance, location and progress of a truck or van? An asset tracking system makes this easy and gives businesses vital information. Appropriate asset tracking technology leads to streamlined operations and increased productivity.

Imagine how efficient your service will be once you know the exact location of every truck, trailer, van or other resources in your fleet. Furthermore, you will understand what each vehicle is doing at any given moment.

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Asset Tracking Software

At the heart of our cutting-edge asset tracking software is the FleetGO Cloud. This powerful GPS vehicle tracking solution makes it easy to view and analyse data from every connected truck, van or car in your fleet.

With a live, interactive map, the FleetGO Cloud platform gives you an around-the-clock, comprehensive overview of all your vehicles. The fully responsive software features an intuitive dashboard that simplifies all your transport data aggregation.

With regular updates adding innovative new features and functions, you can be sure your asset tracking is always state-of-the-art. Moreover, the FleetGO Cloud is customisable: you can add, remove, or reorder columns in your reports. You are also able to change colour schemes to identify different groups within your organisation.

To further enhance our asset tracking software, we designed the FleetGO Cloud to include a secure, role-based access system. Admin users can customise permissions, allowing you to nominate individuals in your company to receive relevant data from the system. This versatility optimises the software’s value to every management team member.

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Asset tracking Software UK

In the UK we have a team of specialists ready to advice and support you with every question related to asset tracking.

Our asset tracking UK-wide live map empowers you with precise, real-time information about the location of your vehicles. This information is accessible from mobile devices and desktop computers so that you can track your fleet on the move.

Built-in geofencing technology lets you establish virtual boundaries—zones beyond which your vehicles are not supposed go. What better way to secure the safety of your fleet and drivers? With the FleetGO Platform, the danger of vehicle theft reduces substantially.

There are laws governing the tracking of drivers and vehicles in the UK, and our software is fully compliant with them. As information gathered by GPS tracking systems counts as personal data, GDPR restrictions apply. Drivers must consent to tracking, and it is only permissible to track an employee during work hours.

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Asset Tracking system

The FleetGO Cloud asset tracking system utilises GPS navigation. This technology ensures that your vehicles are monitored even in the most remote parts of the UK or areas without cellular coverage.

This location information is then shown on a map—allowing you to follow every vehicle’s progress. Moreover, our state-of-the-art technology collects and analyses data from each connected truck, van or car in your fleet. This data is then available to you as customisable reports. To give you even greater control over your fleet, you can set triggers, events, and actions to generate automated alerts and notifications.

The long-distance transmission of digital information is called telematics. Our system incorporates the best server hardware, web service configurations, and the latest telemetric technology. Combined with our in-house expertise, the innovative design ensures that you have all the relevant, up-to-the-minute data you need with just a few clicks.

Asset Tracking Solution

Our asset tracking solution provides many unique features. Built with the end-user in mind and focussing on simplicity, the FleetGO Cloud provides GPS location in real-time, as already noted. An interactive map overview and a detailed trip log with route replay make road management easy. As mentioned above, geofencing grants a remarkable level of security and control.

Optional CAN-bus integration—Controller Area Network—offers hard-wearing communications for even the most rugged industrial environment and allows for fuel data provision.

As well as monitoring driver behaviour, the system identifies points of interest and locations and, as an option, has driver identification. Privacy switches are available too.

The system integrates with custom sensors, provides detailed time reports, and it is simple to set triggers and events. In addition to automated reports and an easy to use Interactive dashboard, many other unique features will help boost your business’s efficiency, safety and productivity.

FleetGO Cubiq
FleetGO Cubiq

Asset Tracking Hardware

FleetGO’s high-tech asset tracking hardware provides end-to-end fleet and equipment management solutions. We created our own innovative telematics devices and introduced the CubiQ —a state-of-the-art modular hardware platform suitable for light or heavy vehicles.

We ensured that integration with our cloud platform would be seamless by developing our own hardware. The CubiQ has the outstanding features, high-quality engineering and first-rate components necessary to make it the optimal asset tracking device tailored to our customer’s needs.

Built with security in mind, the CubiQ uses Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2). A 2048-bit certificate for server authentication and AES256 data encryption secures the back-end connection. Furthermore, a private APN with IP-sec secured VPN tunnels connects the device to our cloud over the telecom network.

GPS Asset Tracking

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a highly sophisticated set of navigation satellites that orbit our planet. There are more than thirty satellites, and each sends out a signal. Our asset tracking hardware has built-in GPS receivers that listen for these transmissions. The receiver then measures its distance from the satellites and, by doing so, gives a vehicle’s precise location in real-time, second by second.

Asset Tracking Devices

In addition to the CubiQ telematic asset tracking device, we can also offer a GPS OBD dongle and our Easy Connect device.

The GPS Dongle—or stick—is an adaptable alternative to other more costly GPS tracking devices. Installation is straightforward. You connect the device to a car, truck or van’s onboard dashboard (OBD) port. The dongle registers data via its GPS signal and transmits it to the FleetGO Cloud platform and app.

Easy Connect is an affordable solution for tracking your assets using the battery of your vehicle as (12-24 volt) power-source. This unit is easy to install, within 5 minutes you’ll have it built in to your vehicle. You can also use the Easy Connect to track machines and heavy equipment.

OBD Dongle
GPS Tracker for car

Asset Tracking App

With the FleetGO app, you can manage your vehicles anytime. The app gives easy access to critical features that provide unsurpassed insights and control over your fleet.

We offer our mobile app for Android and iOS. It acts as an extension of the FleetGO Cloud, giving you all info you need when you are on the go. The data, synced to the FleetGO Cloud, is displayed in a clear format that is easy to browse. With our app, you can create reports, study data and adjust your priorities in a simple, stress-free way, night or day.

So, to get the best out of FleetGO solutions, download our asset tracking app today!

Vehicle Tracking App

Asset Tracking Companies

Are you considering investing in asset tracking technology? In that case, you want to choose an asset tracking company with a reputation for reliability, innovative technology and meeting their customers’ needs. At FleetGO, we are proud of our history. Since 2010 we have helped businesses of all sizes to build smarter, more efficient and safer fleets. Data provided by our state-of-the-art telematics solutions gives unparalleled insights into driver and fleet performance. Fleet managers have reliable, actionable data to optimise vehicle usage thanks to exemplary diagnostics information and tachograph statistics. Our renowned focus on customer service and cutting-edge hardware has made FleetGO one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies. Every day, across the whole European continent, more than five thousand businesses and over fifty-thousand vehicles achieve optimal efficiency, higher standards of safety and lower operational costs thanks to the FleetGO platform.

Construction Asset Tracking

The construction industry faces special equipment and vehicle challenges. It needs hard-wearing, durable asset tracking systems that are up to the task. At FleetGO, we are always happy to support you with the software and hardware you need. Our construction asset management solutions will give you an overview of your vehicles, workers, and equipment’s real-time location and status.

Large or small, FleetGO offers cutting-edge, technology-driven applications for construction and infrastructure companies. Features like; automatic fleet tracking, business and private mileage tracking, real-time GPS locations, fuel consumption, driver and co-driver identification, working and travel hours, time registration per project/location, and geofencing offer unparalleled asset tracking flexibility.


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