FleetGO software effectively assists UK companies of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, operating in the transport and logistics industry. Our drive is to automate processes, enhances business insights, and streamlines operations, leading to substantial reductions in time and costs, as well as increasing revenue for all our customers.

We value our customers greatly, as they lead our future solution development and where we have a strong relationship with where we understand their business and operation. When our customers achieve success, FleetGO achieves success. This is why we take immense pride in showcasing some of our customers and customer cases.


The Pallet Company Ltd.

The Pallet Company is a company that makes, recycles, and transports pallets for their customers. They have an advantage because they handle all the transportation themselves, which allows them to have more control over the transportation process and offer better quality services to their customers. FleetGO helps The Pallet Company with their transportation operations, making it easier for them to manage alongside their main pallet business. FleetGO enables The Pallet Company to continue growing as a company and provide excellent services.

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On-Set Location Services Ltd.

On-Set is a company that specialises in providing production and facility vehicles exclusively designed for the film and TV industry. With an impressive fleet consisting of trucks and custom-made trailers for film sets, they offer a unique advantage by managing their entire fleet in-house. From tailoring production to ensuring maintenance for both trucks and trailers, On-Set takes care of every detail. Although not primarily a haulage company, they efficiently transport their trailers and equipment from one set location to another. FleetGO plays a pivotal role in supporting On-Set with their transport operations, providing assistance in fleet management, planning, and regulatory compliance (including tacho compliance). By relying on FleetGO’s expertise, On-Set can focus more on their core business, effectively facilitating the film industry.

Vehicles On-Set
On-Set Downtown Abbey

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R & R Transport Services Ltd

R & R Transport Services is a Birmingham based company that is speciliazed in transporting vehicles. With their transporter engineering +11 vehicles they can transport more vehicles at once. However, their continues challenge is compliance and planning as deadlines are very crucial in this business. FleetGO helps R & R Transport Services by providing 24/7 live data of their vehicles to make planning more efficient. Moreover, FleetGO makes sure that R & R Transport Services can stay compliant by automating tachograph related processes so they can focus more on their core business.

R&R Transport Services Car transportation

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