FleetGO Group joins forces with the Belgian software company EuroTracs

Düsseldorf, May 16th 2023– Logistics software provider FleetGO Group acquires the Belgium-based EuroTracs with the support of software investor Main Capital Partners (“Main”). The acquisition of EuroTracs marks the second add-on acquisition since the initial investments of Main Capital Partners … Read more

Switzerland 2G

Switzerland has shut down its 2G mobile network

The Swiss mobile operators have been upgrading their networks to 4G and 5G technologies. At the moment, they have covered almost the entire country. As a result, the operators have decided to entirely switch off their 2G mobile network in … Read more

New Tachograph Symbols

New Tachograph Symbols

In the near future, the new 2nd generation smart tachograph will be mandatory. If you do not have a first generation smart tachograph, you will be required to use one starting from December 2024 if your trucks are driving internationally. … Read more

two-factor authentication

Update: Two-factor authentication

At FleetGO we are continuously adding new updates, to increase the ease of use of our platform and to create new tools for our users. In the newest version, we have added functionality to make the log-in process easier and … Read more

Mobility Package

Mobility Package: What will change in the transport sector?

Since announcing the European Union’s mobility package, many questions have risen about the exact changes this will bring. How does this influence driver’s activities? What technologies are mandatory to be used in the vehicle? At what point will these new … Read more

Main Capital FleetGO

FleetGO is strengthened by Main Capital

Shrewsbury – Shropshire, 16-09-2022 – Main announces two acquisitions of majority shareholdings in logistics software companies Wanko and FleetGO. The two companies will be combined to form a new comprehensive logistics software group that will be known as FleetGO Group. … Read more

Country code in tachograph mandatory

Country code in tachograph mandatory at border crossing

Since 2 February 2022, all truck drivers must enter a new country code in the tachograph as soon as they cross the border. The rule should make it easier for authorities to detect and tackle labour exploitation. What does this … Read more

FleetGO partners up with the Sixfold platform

FleetGO continues to be at the fore-front of developing innovative products and services that add value to our customers. “We are committed not only to understand and to act upon the needs and wants of our customers, but also to … Read more