Smart Tacho

Important Changes That Come With The Smart Tacho

The latest generation tachographs, known as the ‘Smart Tacho’, is becoming the new standard. All new trucks and busses that are first registered after June 15 2019 should be equipped with this new tachograph. This means that every transport company … Read more

Tachograph Analysis Software

FleetGO introduces 2nd generation of Remote Tacho Download solution

FleetGO International introduces its 2nd generation of Remote Tacho Download solutions. FleetGO, a telematics service provider from The Netherlands, now offers a water-tight tool for transportation companies to solve their headache around the use of the digital tachograph. For the first time, a three-in-one solution is launched: downloading, storing and analyzing the tachograph data in one, resulting in ‘turn key compliance’ information.

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Fuel Monitoring

Fuel consumption and fuel costs are closely related. The more fuel is consumed, the higher the costs will get. By reducing fuel consumption you will be able to lower fuel costs significantly. Monitoring fuel consumption of your fleet will put … Read more

What Is A Connected Fleet?

In this era of technology and innovation “connected fleet” is becoming a buzz word in the automotive industry. But what exactly is a connected fleet and how does it relate to your business or your everyday life? ContentsVehicle Data and … Read more