Remote Tacho Download Automatic Download of Digital Tachograph Files

  • Automatic download of driver files and tachograph files
  • Completeness checks and alerts
  • Secure data storage and encrypted transmission
  • Avoid vehicle immobilization and save time
  • Set your own download intervals
  • Centralized company card hosting
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Tachograph Compliance on Autopilot All .DDD Files in one Secure Platform

With Remote Tacho Download from FleetGO you’ll never have to manually download the .ddd-files from your vehicles or driver cards again: all files will be downloaded automatically, no matter where your vehicles or drivers are. All encrypted files will be transferred over the air in your secure file storage within the FleetGO Cloud, where they will be stored for 10 years.

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NEW: Tacho Complete™ Tachograph Download & Analysis In One Tool!

Remote Tacho Download Features Tacho Compliance on Autopilot

Monitor Driving Times Respect Working Hours Regulations

FleetGO gives you live insight in remaining daily, weekly and two-weekly driving times. So called “Time related warnings” are brought to the immediate attention of your planners. With this powerful tool you will be able to optimize planning and avoid risking any violation of EU Regulation 561/2006 or AETR rules.

FleetGO Tachograph Files Download Software Driving Times

Download of all .DDD-Files All Digital Tachograph Files in one Platform

The intelligent FleetGO control unit is constantly connected to the FleetGO cloud, which downloads all tachograph files on autopilot. All files are check on completeness and integrity so you always know if your archive meets the EU-regulations. FleetGO works with the majority of Tachograph brands, including VDO, Stonerigde and Actia.

FleetGO GPS Tracking Software Driver Identification

Avoid Violations of EU Regulations Tachograph Compliance made Easy

Comply with regulations by respecting working hours and keeping a complete log of all digital tachograph files as well as driver card files.  FleetGO allows you to keep a secure legal archive of all .ddd files and to easily detect working hours infringements. Avoid penalties, optimize your planning and improve your drivers safety.

FleetGO Tachograph Files Analysis Software Violations

Digital Tachograph Analysis Software Integrate with Analysis Software

FleetGO offers an optional add-on for tachograph file analysis. With this add-on, you’re always on top of your tachograph archive, make sure your archive is complete and that you have a clear view on the driver infringements. Read more about FleetGO’s Tachograph Analysis. If you already used to other tachograph analysis software, FleetGO allows you to integrate with the analysis software of your choice, like VDO TIS-Web, Optac3, and other 3rd party software.

Tachograph Files Analysis Software Providers FleetGO

Download of Driver Card Data Simple and Secure Driver Card Data Downloads

For temporary drivers, FleetGO has an optional Driver Card Download Terminal to download driver cards manually which will be automatically uploaded to the secure online FleetGO tachograph archive.

FleetGO Driver Card Download Tools

Create Reports Clear Insights in Digital Tachograph Data

Create a report that accurately shows remaining driving times for today, the current week and next week. The same report also shows when the next weekly rest period is due and shows how long this rest period (at least) should be. Use this report to easily plan trips for your driver without risking any violations of Regulation (EC) 561/2006 and AETR.

FleetGO GPS Tracking Software Basic Report

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Avoid vehicle and driver downtime


Secure tachograph data storage


All tacho files in one platform

In time

Receive your files on time, always

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Temperature Monitoring

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Trailer Tracking

trailer tracking

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions on Remote Tacho Download

Yes, FleetGO needs a copy of the company card which will be hosted by FleetGO to automatically authenticate the platform to download the .ddd-files from the vehicles and driver cards.
VDO: from version 1.3 and up.

Stoneridge: from version SE5000 and up.

We highly suggest to upgrade these vehicles with the latest tachographs.
With drivers who don’t drive a connected vehicle regularly, FleetGO offers a Driver Card Download Terminal to manually download these driver cards. The terminal automatically uploads the driver card data to the FleetGO cloud.
You can set your own download interval in days. It’s possible to download all data every single day!

Digital Tachograph Files

Digital Tachograph Files also known as a .DDD files are files which are stored on the internal memory of a digital tachograph and contains all the data and information related to a vehicle and its driver(s). In Spain and France the DDD files have different formats. In Spain the digital tachograph files format is .TGD and in France there are 2 types of digital tachograph files: The vehicle information is stored in the V1B format and the driver data is stored in the C1B file.
According to the European legislation (2006) companies are legally obliged to frequently download and analyse the digital tachograph files and they are in the obligation of being able to provide the information on demand to legal authorities during inspections.

tachograph insert card

Tacho Download Software

Nowadays you will be able to find several types of software related to digital tachograph files. From software that is designed to automate the storage of the files to software able to analyse the digital tachograph data and helping your company to be compliant. These solutions will help you and your company to become more efficient when it comes to the hassle around tachograph data and compliancy.

Digital Tachograph Download Equipment

In order to download the digital tachograph files there are several solutions. One of them consist of a specific tachograph compatible USB stick which is used in order to collect the files manually from the tachograph. This means that the driver needs to wait until the download of the files is completed. This is a frequently used method, the downside of this method is that it is known to be time-consuming and rather inefficient

The remote tacho download solution is a relatively new method in order to download digital tachograph files. This solution consists of a telematics unit which is permanently connected to the tachograph in the vehicle. This device is able to transfer data directly from the tachograph to an online platform, where all data is collected and stored. This solution is very efficient, reliable and requires little time. The data can be downloaded anytime, anywhere. It is also possible to set specific download intervals which allows you to automate the download process entirely

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