On-board computer

A professional, yet fully mobile solution to control orders, planning and streamline the day-to-day delivery of goods.

The FleetGO mobile board computer gives you full control of your logistic processes with an easy-to-use in cab solution.

Board computer

Mobile board computer

FleetGO’s mobile board computer is a smart and flexible solution for any transport operation. It contains innovative technology that brings unparalleled efficiency to the fingertips of your drivers and the back office.

This state-of-the-art device enables seamless communication between drivers and dispatchers, real-time tracking, and efficient route planning. The solution is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and highly flexible, making it a perfect fit for modern, agile businesses.

Where most board computers stop inside the vehicle, FleetGO’s device can be taken out with ease so it can be used as a tablet for daily tasks like vehicle checks or collecting signatures from customers. 

FleetGO ensures that the business process does not stop in the vehicle or even when the driver is working outside the cabin. It is important for the transport and logistics sector to be able to properly manage both own drivers and subcontractors, without having to make concessions on functionality and quality.


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Real-time communication & navigation

Improve coordination with instant, two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers. Share information quickly and efficiently, minimizing misunderstandings and delays.

Arm your drivers with the best routes optimised for traffic, distance, fuel consumption, and their remaining driving times. Ensure timely deliveries and increase customer satisfaction.

On board computer truck

Real-time data

Gain access to real-time status updates of your vehicles and drivers. Stay informed about delivery progress, possible delays, and vehicle conditions.

Simplify and automate your administrative tasks such as time registration, activity logging, and digital POD (proof of delivery). Reduce paperwork, errors, and save time.

On board computer route planning

Bar code scanning & signatures

Scan important documents and send them directly as a PDF from the vehicle. Use barcode scanning for parcel tracking or collect signatures from customers as proof of delivery.

Board computer barcode scanner

Time registration & payroll data

Effortlessly track and record driver work hours in real-time, ensuring accuracy in timekeeping and reducing administrative hassle. It automates the collection of essential payroll data, minimizing errors and streamlining your payroll process.

Time Registration & Payroll

On-board computer feature overview

FleetGO’s mobile board computer is a feature-rich solution that covers all the needs of companies of any size. Here are the most important features:

Real-time GPS Location
Driving & rest times
Document & barcode scanning
Sign on glass
Remote tacho download
FMS & CAN-data
Remote device management
3rd party integrations
Time registration
Document management
Secured internet access
Custom sensor integration

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