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In today’s digitally connected business landscape, software integration isn’t just a nice to have; it’s a necessity. It is the backbone of streamlined operations, efficient processes, and increased productivity. FleetGO embraces this ethos by offering seamless integration capabilities with our solutions. We believe in the power of collaborative systems, providing businesses with the opportunity to leverage our solutions alongside their existing software platforms for an optimized, holistic approach to logistics management.

Integrated solutions with industry-leading suppliers

FleetGO connects with industry-leading solution providers to help customers get the most out of their solutions and get all data and tools in one central environment.

FleetGO Integrations

Use case

Integrating TMS with E-commerce Platforms

Imagine an e-commerce company dealing with an enormous volume of orders every day. The challenge lies in the logistics – managing the transportation of goods from warehouses to customers efficiently and accurately. By integrating FleetGO’s TMS with the company’s e-commerce platform, orders can be processed and the necessary transportation scheduled automatically. Real-time tracking allows the e-commerce business to keep customers informed about their deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction while reducing manual work.

Use case

Integrating FMS with HR Software

FleetGO’s FMS can be integrated with HR management software to streamline the process of monitoring driver behavior, scheduling shifts, and managing payroll. For instance, a courier service with a large fleet of vehicles needs to ensure drivers are adhering to safety regulations, working appropriate hours, and being paid accurately for their time. Integrating the FMS with HR software allows the company to automatically log hours, track driver behavior, and even automate the payroll process based on real-time data from the fleet.

Use case

Integrating WMS with ERP Systems

For a manufacturing firm, it’s crucial to maintain a real-time overview of inventory, production status, and delivery schedules. Integrating FleetGO’s WMS with the company’s ERP system creates a unified platform where all these aspects can be managed efficiently. This integration allows for real-time inventory updates, automation of order picking and packing processes, and smoother coordination of dispatch schedules based on production timelines.

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