Vehicle Walk Around Check

Keep compliant by doing a daily vehicle walk around with the help of our handy app that contains a daily vehicle checklist.

Vehicle Walk Around Check App

Fully compliant with the DVSA guidelines, FleetGO’s Vehicle Walk Around Check app is the compliance solution for all aspects of PCV, HGV, Trailers and company vehicle checking and reporting.

With automated checklists, photo evidence and on-screen signatures, drivers can easily comply with checking their car, truck and trailer. The administrator keeps a legal record in the Vehicle Inspection dashboard and is always up-to-date via our smart alerts feature.

Online and paperless.

FleetGO Driver app

Our user-friendly mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It offers a simple and intuitive interface, specially designed for HGV and PCV drivers. With the optional GPS location validation you can rest assured all checks are being completed thoroughly. 

  • Add vehicles and trailers yourself
  • Digital signing
  • History of check’s directly available
  • GPS validation
Vehicle walk around check

Fleet manager Dashboard

Keep track of all vehicle checks, view detailed reports including photo’s and match performed inspections with the driver activities. Set-up smart alerts to never miss a failed inspection. 

  • Detailed reports for each vehicle and user
  • Store and download inspections
  • Smart alerts
  • Safe storage in the cloud

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Integrate and increase functionality

You can use the vehicle walkaround check app both as a standalone tool as well as an integrated add-on on one of our other solutions.

You can extend functionality like adding remote tachograph download or tachograph file analysis. Or what do you think about live tracking of your fleet? With FleetGO you can manage everything around your fleet from one single platform.

Integrate vehicle walk around

Mandatory vehicle checks

In the UK a daily walkaround check for Heavy Goods Vehicle’s (HGV’s) is mandatory. Drivers must perform a check on a daily basis to make sure the HGV is safe to drive. Companies must keep a solid record with the results of these daily walkaround checks. This can be done on a paper Daily Vehicle Checklist or digitally with the FleetGO App.

Read more about the UK legislation here.

Mandatory Vehicle Checks

Only £2 per month per vehicle

No sign-up fees, extra charges, or costs adding up in the background. FleetGO’s vehicle Vehicle Walk Around Check solution is a fully stand-alone feature. Want to simplify your fleet management even more? Combine the Vehicle Walk Around Check with FleetGO’s Remote Tacho Download, GPS tracking and Tachograph Analysis tool.

"We appreciate how FleetGO's Vehicle Walk Around Check has made compliance with industry regulations effortless for our fleet."
Charlotte Bennett
Fleet Manager Star Transport LTD

Daily vehicle checks

Daily vehicle checks are an important part of the vehicle maintenance process. They help ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition for the day’s use. The checks should be done before using the vehicle and repeated every morning. A daily vehicle check will help you identify any potential issues before they become serious.

The following are an example of some (but not all) of the things that should be checked:

  • Battery (to see if it has enough charge to start and run)
  • Brakes (to see if they work well)
  • Lights (to see if they work well)
  • Tires (to make sure they have enough air pressure)
  • Coolant levels (to make sure there is enough coolant in it)

Damage that is reported with our vehicle inspection app during a vehicle inspection is automatically relayed to the fleetmanager. This way, you can take action faster so your vehicles are repaired quickly and are standing still for the least amount of time. Resulting in your fleet being on the road again as fast as possible, with FleetGO.

Vehicle walk around check feature overview

The daily vehicle walk around check app is feature-rich with a focus on simplicity and a friendly user interface. Here are some of the most important features our platform offers:

Automation of daily checks
DVSA compliant
Easy to use
Custom checklists
Complete vehicle history
Secure online storage
Works on Android and iOS
Detailed reporting
Integrate with other FleetGO solutions
…& much more!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, drivers are legally responsible for the condition of the heavy vehicle they are driving. This means they must carry out the daily walkaround check before each trip.

Yes, via the FleetGO Driver App it is possible to add a new trailer, PCV or HGV. Please notice that added vehicles are only available on your device.

Yes, all checks which are done by yourself are available for download in the app.

You can add pictures from your library, take a photo directly or add a comment on each inspection item.

You need a working internet connection to use the FleetGO Driver App.