Trailer Tracking

Keep control over your fleet of trailers with Trailer Tracking. Know where they are and get detailed and real-time information about the trailer condition. Never lose track of your trailers!

Trailer tracking

Why use Trailer Tracking?

Trailer Tracking is an all-in-one solution to get all the data you need from your trailers. From simple to advanced features, our modular platform fulfills any demand. With FleetGO you take full control over your fleet and take it to the next level. 

Our smart solution will help optimise fleet utilisation, improve your maintenance schedule, reduce fuel costs and prevents breakdown. And with a plug & play connection to your native EBS system, you can get even more relevant data from the CAN-bus. Additional solutions like temperature monitoring or a connection to the Trailer TPMS will give you even more features to keep control over your trailers.

Live GPS Trailer Tracking

Our Trailer Tracking solution offers you a complete overview of your trailers, their real-time location, drop-off location, and all movements and trip history. By tracking your trailers you will get a better insight into the utilisation of your trailers and you will be able improve the efficiency of your entire fleet.

The Trailer Tracking solution can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into our other solutions.

Trailer GPS Tracking

One of our happy customers

A happy customer says more than 1000 words. Listen to Saleh Hijazi, owner of The Pallet Company, who uses FleetGO to make running his company A LOT easier.

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Real-time temperature data to control your goods remotely

FleetGO’s Temperature Monitoring allows you to track the temperature of your trailers to protect temperature sensitive goods from perishing and helps you to ensure HACCP compliance (EU37-2005) by tracking and storing temperature data. Track temperatures through the life of a shipment and trend temperatures over time. Stay on top of your shipments with real-time alerts, unlimited reports and zone monitoring.

With our in-house developed solution systems we can get reefer data, cargo temperature and door status information from your refrigerated trailer. The device provides multi-zone temperature-monitoring (up to four separated zones) and acquires additional information such as operating mode, engine mode, and total hours of operation.

All data is stored on the FleetGO cloud. Real-time and 24/7 accessible.

Real-time trailer temperature data

EBS system integration

The standard Electronic Braking System (EBS) provides useful data from the trailer. The FleetGO hardware, the ‘CubiQ‘, is directly connected to the EBS Telematics interface to retrieve a rich dataset. Collecting this data gives you a powerful tool for monitoring and reporting about the operation conditions and utilization of lorries and trailers.

– Haldex EB+ Gen 2 (2011 onwards) or Gen 3
– Wabco Type E
– Knorr-Bremse TEBS G2

FleetGO Cubiq | EBS integration

Custom sensors & monitoring

The smart FleetGO CubiQ is able to connect a variety of custom sensors to get even more specific data from your trailers. Together with our flexible setup for geofencing and events, you can create your own monitoring scenarios like: trailer identification, door sensors, movement sensors, tamper sensors etc. It’s a matter of connecting the right sensor, allocate the scenario in the FleetGO Cloud, and you can forget about it!

Trailer tracking systems

Trailer TPMS

Our Trailer Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (Trailer TPMS) enables you to see the real-time tyre pressure of your trailers remotely and in one single dashboard. Tyre Pressure Monitoring is designed to give fleet owners actionable insights to prevent breakdowns and avoid unnecessary costs.

With our Trailer TPMS you are able to keep the pressure right and detect deflating instantly. Set your own triggers and receive alerts whenever a situation occurs. This will allow you to extend the lifetime of the tyres, prevent breakdowns and cut down on fuel costs.

Trailer TPMS

Optimize the utilisation of your trailers

With Trailer Tracking from FleetGO you’ll have a powerful solution to manage your fleet of trailers. 

You can get an insight in the location through GPS and depending on your wishes, you can obtain other useful information about your trailers like temperature data, EBS-data en TPMS data. 

Improve trailer utilisation

Trailer Telematics Feature Overview

Trailer Telematics is feature-rich with a focus on simplicity and a friendly user interface. Here are some of the most important features our platform offers:

Real-time GPS location
Complete trip history
Mileage logger
Geofencing & events
Flexible reporting & dashboards
EBS system integration (optional)
TPMS integration (optional)

Easy to integrate with our telematics solutions

Temperature monitoring 
Custom sensor integration 
…& much more!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, by creating a geofence around a specific location you can set-up alerts when a trailer leaves or enters the location.

Depending on the hardware configuration, the trailer will still share its location for a maximum of 24 hours after it is disconnected from the truck.

We can add 4 different sensors per trailer. This means that 4 zones can be monitored or up to 4 sensors can be placed in a single zone.

When connecting the FleetGO hardware directly on the reefer unit we can receive the most important parameters. It’s also possible to directly receive a notification when the reefer unit stops working.