Tachograph Analysis

The complete tool for your tachograph file analysis. Never miss a file or infringement and keep a tight book for compliance.

Tacho Analysis

With FleetGO’s tachograph analysis software, you’ll have a powerful tool to manage, control and check your companies’ digital tachograph files. 

With an easy-to-use cloud platform and built-in checks, you know if you comply with the European and local regulations and if your company and drivers are at risk or not. Start today with our tachograph analysis software free trial.

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A happy customer says more than 1000 words. Listen to Saleh Hijazi, owner of The Pallet Company, who uses FleetGO to make running his company a lot easier.

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Tachograph analysis software

In addition to our comprehensive tachograph download solution, we offer a complete tool for tachograph analysis. Our tachograph analysis software will give you a clear overview of your tachograph archive, completeness and driver infringements.

FleetGO helps you manage all digital tachograph files from both tachograph and driver with ease. The built-in tool checks the completeness, integrity and infringements of all files. By having a detailed overview of all tachograph files, you can effortlessly determine whether your company meets the current tachograph regulations.

With easy-to-use dashboards, reports and alerts, you are always in control of your tachograph archive and you will be able to reduce the risk of penalties and fines.

Tachograph Analysis software

Avoid violations of EU regulations

Comply with regulations by respecting working hours and keeping a complete log of all digital tachograph files as well as driver card files. FleetGO allows you to keep a secure legal archive of all .ddd files and to easily detect working hours infringements.

Avoid penalties, optimize your planning and improve your drivers safety.


Standalone or integrated tool

You can use FleetGO’s tachograph analysis software both as a standalone tool as well as an integrated add-on on our tachograph download solution. Everybody who’s working with digital tachograph files can use FleetGO, no matter how you download your files.

Standalone or Integrated

Tachograph Analysis Consultants

FleetGO works together with a UK-wide team of highly experienced tachograph analysis consultants. They are familiar with the FleetGO tachograph analysis software and have their own partner portals on our platform. But more important: they know everything about tachograph legislation and have tons of experience in assisting companies with their compliance around tachographs, fleets, and truck drivers.

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Tachograph consultants

Upload and secure drivercard data

With the FleetGO Driver Card Download Terminal you can easily upload driver cards manually which will be automatically uploaded to the secure online FleetGO tachograph archive. You have all your files secured and analysed and all in one place.

Download Upload Driver Data

Tachograph Analysis Services

It doesn’t matter how many vehicles you operate, where your trucks drive, what type of products you are transporting, or how big your company is: all companies that operate trucks that are fitted with a tachograph, need to comply with the tachograph legislation. This also means that you must make sure that all tachograph data is collected, stored, and is regularly checked.

The cloud-based tacho analysis software from FleetGO helps you and your company to stay on top of your tachograph data, tachograph reporting, and tachograph compliance. It’s designed for fleets of all sizes and works with all digital tachographs that are available. While the FleetGO software is able to give you a total overview of all data, infringements, possible fines, and possible risks, it can be overwhelming. Especially for companies who don’t have the expertise, time, or people, we offer tailor-made tachograph analysis services. This means that we assist you in every step you need to take to stay compliant.

Tachograph analysis software features

With FleetGO’s tachograph analysis, you’ll be assured that you are equipped with the latest software and integration of all regulations. Both your local regulation as the European one. FleetGO offers:

Detailed visualisation of tachograph data
Driver infringement detection
File completeness check
Missing mileage
Tachograph events
Mass file uploader
Integration with Remote Tacho Download
Secure storage of your archive
Built-in backups
Alerts & notifications
Rich set of reports & documents

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Frequently asked questions

Tachograph analysis software is software designed to extract, interpret, and analyze data from tachograph records. It helps your business to monitor driver compliance with regulations, optimize operations, and improve safety. The software automatically reads data from tachographs, generates reports, identifies infringements. Overall, it plays a vital role in maintaining regulatory compliance and enhancing efficiency for your company.

Tachograph analysis software extracts data from tachograph files and analyses it to generate reports and insights. It identifies infringements, monitors compliance, working time and provides real-time alerts. The software can be integrated with a fleet management system such as FleetGO for seamless coordination. Its purpose is to simplify data analysis, ensure compliance, improve driver safety, and optimize fleet performance.

Tachograph analysis software offers the following benefits:

  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Improves driver safety
  • Optimizes fleet operations
  • Enables informed decision-making
  • Provides real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Integrates with fleet management systems
  • Saves time and reduces costs

Overall, tachograph analysis software streamlines compliance management, enhances safety, and improves operational efficiency in the transport industry.

Tachograph analysis software is not mandatory for compliance, but it is highly recommended. Using tachograph analysis software simplifies compliance by automating data analysis and ensuring accurate monitoring of tachograph records. It provides an efficient solution for meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining compliance with tachograph regulations.

There are no universally mandated or endorsed software solutions recommended by regulatory authorities in the UK. However, it is essential to choose tachograph analysis software such as FleetGO, that complies with relevant regulations. Regulatory bodies such as the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) provide guidelines and requirements for tachograph analysis. Furthermore, it is beneficial if the tachograph analysis software is compatible with the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, enabling your company to effectively leverage the benefits of the program.

Tachograph Analysis is the process of extracting, interpreting, and evaluating data from tachograph records. It ensures that drivers and fleet operators are complying with the set regulations regarding driving hours, rest periods, and more. This analysis helps companies avoid penalties, improves driver safety, and streamlines operations.

No, driving with a faulty tachograph is against the law in the UK. If a tachograph is not working correctly, the vehicle should not be used until it’s repaired. Driving with a malfunctioning tachograph can lead to penalties for both the driver and the operator.

A tachograph records several pieces of information, including:

  • Driving time
  • Breaks and rest periods
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Distance covered
  • Start and end times of work periods
  • Identification of the driver and any co-drivers
  • Events and faults, such as overspeeding or tampering