Tachograph Analysis The Complete Solution for your Tachograph Files

  • Standalone tool or add-on for Remote Tacho Download
  • Clear overview of truck and driver files
  • Completeness check
  • Driver infringements
  • Mass file uploader
  • Secure storage & built-in backups
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Tachograph Analysis Software A Complete Tool to Meet Tachograph Compliance

In addition to our comprehensive tachograph download solution, we offer a complete tool for tachograph analysis. Our tachograph analysis software will give you a clear overview of your tachograph archive, completeness and driver infringements.

FleetGO helps you manage all digital tachograph files from both tachograph and driver with ease. The built-in tool checks the completeness, integrity and infringements of all files. By having a detailed overview of all tachograph files, you can effortlessly determine whether your company meets the current tachograph regulations.

With easy-to-use dashboards, reports and alerts, you are always in control of your tachograph archive and you will be able to reduce the risk of penalties and fines. With the smart tacho software from FleetGO, you’re always in control.

Try 60 days free! You can try out our tacho analysis software 60 days for free!

After 60 days you’ll get the option to buy a license starting at £229 per year for a maximum of 5 drivers. Got more than 5 drivers? Request a quote online.

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NEW: Tacho Complete™ Tachograph Download & Analysis In One Tool!

Tachograph Analysis Features All Tools for your Digital Tachograph Files in one Platform

Detailed Data Top Down View on all Tachograph Data, from Time Spent to Violations

FleetGO offers an easy to use interface with access to all necessary data. You can easily see how your company is doing and zoom in on specific details like time spent, budgets and infringements.

FleetGO Tachograph Files Analysis Software Violations

Clear Overview A Clear Overview on the Tachograph Data of Both Vehicles and Drivers.

The easy to use interface has a clear overview split into driver data and driver data. You can easily find, filter and analyze the data you like.

FleetGO Tachograph Files Download Software Driving Times

Dashboards See how your Fleet is Performing in the Blink of an eye

You only see the data you actually need and you only want to know if your company is compliant. With our dashboards you have a birds eye overview with the right data on the right place.

FleetGO Fleet Tracking Software Dasboard

Scheduler Make sure you Collect all Files in time

With a handy calendar interface you can easily see when you need to collect specific vehicle or driver files. Never miss a deadline, never miss a file.

FleetGO Fleet Management Software Planning

Mass File Upload Easily Upload all Files with a Simple Drag & Drop Interface

Just drag & drop all files to the FleetGO platform to upload them in one simple action. The software automatically organises the files and recognises duplicate records.

tachograph file upload

Alerts & Notifications Easy to set Alerts and Notifications to take Action

FleetGO helps you remind of important tasks. Just to make sure you and your company meet compliance rules at all times.

FleetGO Events Fleet Tracking
tachograph rules

Avoid Violations of EU Regulations Tachograph Compliance made Easy

Comply with regulations by respecting working hours and keeping a complete log of all digital tachograph files as well as driver card files.  FleetGO Tacho Analysis allows you to keep a secure legal archive of all .ddd files and to easily detect working hours infringements. Avoid penalties, optimize your planning and improve your drivers safety. FleetGO’s tacho software helps you reducing risk on fines and penalties.

100% Compliant

Make sure you meet EU regulations


Secure digital tachograph data storage


All tachograph and driver card files in one platform

No more fines or penalties

Reduce the risk on fines

Standalone or integrated tool The Easiest way to Analyse Tachograph and Driver Card Files

You can use FleetGO’s tachograph analysis software both as a standalone tool as well as an integrated add-on on our tachograph download solution. Everybody who’s working with digital tachograph files can use FleetGO, no matter how you download your files.

FleetGO Remote Tacho Download Icon

The Importance of Tachograph File Analysis

Any transporter would ultimately risk its Operator license if he or she would not continuously be committed to compliance, safety and fair competition. This is what all official transporters have signed for by law. One significant inescapable way to keep this promise concerns the use of tachograph data. To analyse tachograph data shows a commitment to know to what extent one obeys the EU drivers’ hours and tachograph rules (Regulation (EC) No 561/2006) as well as to know on what issues one can improve its compliance.

The need to analyse tachograph data and to ensure that drivers comply with the EU Driving Hours rules started since analogue tachographs became mandatory for all HGV vehicles in the EU in the 1980s. By recording speed, distance and driver activities the tachograph provides an accurate picture of what a driver has been doing and whether or not it has infringed the law. With the occurrence of digital tachographs and the regulations regarding digital tachographs transport managers and road transport operators are more than ever forced to ensure compliance with legislation in order to avoid hefty tachograph fines. Digital tachograph files analysis software is an extremely useful which assist fleet managers and operators to keep a fully compliant legal archive. The more so, we are currently entering the era of the smart tachograph or tachograph 3.0, a new generation of tachographs able to record even more parameters, like timestamped GPS-locations. Read more about the Smart Tachograph.

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Sign up for a free trail! Try our tachograph analysis software 60 days for free!

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And if you like our software, you can buy a license at a discounted price, starting at 229 per year for 5 drivers. Got more than 5 drivers? Call us or request a quote online.

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