FleetGO introduces 2nd generation of Remote Tacho Download solution

introduce new generation tachograph

FleetGO International introduces its 2nd generation of Remote Tacho Download solutions. FleetGO, a telematics service provider from The Netherlands, now offers a water-tight tool for transportation companies to solve their headache around the use of the digital tachograph. For the first time, a three-in-one solution is launched: downloading, storing and analyzing the tachograph data in one, resulting in ‘turn key compliance’ information.


All transport companies in Europe need to meet compliance regulations with the driving and rest time legislation. To achieve this, companies need to get hold on all tachograph files from both vehicles and driver cards. Second, they need to analyze these files on completeness and possible driver infringements. “All three processes are crucial for one’s peace of mind: remote downloading files on autopilot, systematically analyze tachograph files on infringements and store all data securely.  We’ve been able to simply put those three together in one solution”, says Joeri Westendorp, VP Business Development FleetGO. “We saw that entrepreneurs and fleet operators usually have one simple question regarding to tachograph compliance: are we compliant? With FleetGO’s renewed solution we try to give them this answer in a simple way.”

High-tech innovation

Back in 2012/2013 the first tachographs were released with the option to remotely download the .ddd-files from the vehicle and driver cards. FleetGO was one of the first European companies that made it possible to download these files remotely within the strict European legislation.
Joeri Westendorp says: “We’ve been working with remote tacho download solutions right from the beginning in 2013 and the last five years we’ve built up a huge amount of knowledge and experience together with our clients. Since we’re continuously working on improving our solutions, we’ve developed a major update in our technology”.
Naturally, the solution is compliant to all latest tachograph industry standards, to start with market leader VDO’s (owned by Continental AG) smart tachograph: Digital Tachograph 3.0

Added value of 2nd generation

For a lot of companies, it alone will be a major improvement to get all tachograph data on autopilot, seen as the 1st generation. But FleetGO even goes a step further by actually checking the files on completeness and infringements without leaving the office. Furthermore, because of the three-in-one solution, any competitor’s comparable solution would cost a lot more and, moreover, charge per driver instead of per vehicle. Already FleetGO sees this solution’s Europe readiness validated by growth in Europe, due to the three-in-one solution meets the demand for turnkey compliance information by transporters in such a profitable way.

European expansion

The solution is available across Europe and FleetGO will be investing heavily to create a pan-European network of value-added resellers and open up local offices in major countries.
Honouring it’s down to earth roots, FleetGO funds its growth independently en focuses on countries and markets where lead generation shows the greatest demand. They know that the demand will grow sooner or later in all of Europe’s countries depending on the extent to which control of tacho compliance is topical, and consequential the risk of EU tachograph legislation violations is low or high. Westendorp: “We believe this growing demand will spread like a wave, and we seem to know the wave well. Already we have live activities in almost 10 countries and we ‘re scaling up fast but thorough.”

About FleetGO

FleetGO (2010) is one of Europeans fastest growing technology companies delivering high-end telematics solutions for small, medium and large businesses. FleetGO creates smarter fleets with actionable data and insights on driver and fleet performance, vehicle usage, diagnostics info and tachograph data. Daily, over 4,500 companies in Europe rely on the FleetGO platform to optimize their operations and lower their costs. FleetGO’s vision is to commoditize all future telematics and big data challenges to an outstanding user-friendly and profitable level.