The Severe Consequences of Tachograph Manipulations

tachograph manipulation

On the 26 of July 2019, inspectors from the Voivodeship Inspectorate of Road Transport in Kielce in Poland stopped a brand-new truck for inspection on S7 and discovered the presence of an illegal tachograph switch in a 3-month-old truck. This is yet another case of tachograph manipulation that has been exposed recently. At the beginning of July, an equally advanced device was found in a truck by the Łódź police. Although this type of breach is becoming more and more frequent and the methods even more sophisticated, the consequences are not any less severe.

Advanced Tachograph Manipulation Techniques Dismantled

The detailed analysis of the digital data downloaded from the tachograph done by inspectors using diagnostic equipment has enabled the detection of illegal manipulation devices used to falsify tachograph records. In this case the manipulation consisted in reprogramming the recording equipment by uploading non-original control software which allows the driver to change the working time and falsify records with a key combination.

After the road inspection the vehicle was directed to an authorised service centre, where the manipulated tachograph was dismantled. The illegal device has been detained as evidence of the case. The authorities have launched a procedure for the loss of good reputation of the carrier, the consequence of which may be the withdrawal of the license to perform road transport and a notification of a suspected criminal offence has been send to the prosecutor’s office. An administrative enquiry has been initiated against the carrier, which could lead to very serious consequences for him.

The Consequences of Tachograph Fraud

The consequences of tachograph fraud are severe. Not only does attempting to break the rules on drivers’ working time and resting time means endangering the safety and even the life of road users, it is also severely sanctioned. This type of infringement may lead to high fines, the loss of good repute of the carrier resulting in the permanent withdrawal of the operator license and more importantly two years of imprisonment.