Tacho Complete™ The complete tachograph compliance solution for only £15 per month per vehicle.

  • Automatic downloads of tachographs and driver cards
  • Archive completeness check
  • Driver infringements reports
  • Real-time access to your data
  • User-friendly platform & clear reports

Tachograph compliance has never been easier. The FleetGO Cubiq device provides all tachograph data on a daily basis from both tachographs and driver cards and sends all data to the FleetGO Cloud. Simple. Secure. Solid.

Helicopter view With Tacho Complete™ you have a complete overview of your fleet and tachograph data. 24/7.

In the user-friendly FleetGO Cloud, you have a perfect overview of your fleet, drivers and tachograph data. Make sure everything is complete, be aware of driver infringements, see what happened on a the map, check times and locations, and create a solid tachograph archive.

FleetGO Platform
FleetGO Cubiq

Easy installation The FleetGO Cubiq is designed for an easy installation.

Everyone can install the Cubiq! With our step-by-step installation guide with clear pictures and instructions you can’t go wrong. Our custom wiring loom has plug & play connections for almost every vehicle.

And if you need some help: our technical team always has your back!

Installation Video

Check out our installation video here.

FleetGO, on the GO! With Tacho Complete™ you have a truly complete overview of your fleet and tachograph data. Accessible 24/7.

With our mobile apps (iOS and Android) you can check your account on the go. Managers have their own overview and drivers can see their own data. You can even report infringements to drivers to make them more aware of their mistakes.

FleetGO App

All Tacho Complete™ Features

Automatic download of .ddd-files

All .ddd files from both tachograph and driver cards are downloaded automatically and uploaded to the FleetGO Cloud.

Daily Downloads

By standard, we download the tachograph data on a daily interval. But you can set your own interval if you like.

Completeness check

The tachograph archive has a unique completeness check so you always know if all files are in your archive or if you are missing files.

Integrated analysis

You don’t need separate software for your tachograph analysis. It’s fully integrated so you can check on driver infringements, download reports and improve compliance.

Secure storage

All tachograph data is encrypted and securely stored at our servers. Read more about our security here. Need a backup? No problem.

Alerts & notifications

FleetGO helps you remind of important tasks. Just to make sure you and your company meet compliance rules at all times.

Mobile app's

With the free iOS and Android app you have your data on the go! Read more about our mobile apps here.

Add functionality

Upgrade Tacho Complete with real-time GPS Tracking and Fuel Monitoring with the click of a button.

Only £15 per vehicle per month All-in. Lifetime warranty. Monthly contract.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Tacho Complete™

Everything you need for making sure your tachograph archive meets compliance. For £15 per month, you get a Cubiq device, unlimited platform usage, EU-data coverage, phone support and a lifetime warranty on the Cubiq.

Yes we know. It’s an offer you can’t refuse.

No! You can cancel at any time with our month-by-month contract. Not happy with FleetGO anymore? Changes in your fleet? No problem! Just send back the Cubiq(‘s) and we’ll cancel the contract.
Yes, FleetGO needs a copy of the company card which will be hosted by FleetGO to automatically authenticate the platform to download the .ddd-files from the vehicles and driver cards.
VDO: from version 1.4 or above.

Stoneridge: from version SE5000 or above.

We highly suggest to upgrade these vehicles with the latest tachographs.
With drivers who don’t drive a connected vehicle regularly, FleetGO offers a Driver Card Download Terminal to manually download these driver cards. The terminal automatically uploads the driver card data to the FleetGO cloud.
You can set your own download interval in days. It’s possible to download all data every single day!
No! You can cancel your (expensive) license for this software; tachograph analysis is integrated in FleetGO!
Pretty real-time! Unlike many others, we don’t have a strict interval on 1, 2 or even 5 minutes. The Cubiq is able to stream the data. Like real-time. Read more about one of our key features: Dynamic Logging.