Daily Vehicle Checklist

At FleetGO, we understand the importance of pre-emptive vehicle checks before hitting the road. To support your safety, compliance, and efficiency needs, we’ve developed an intuitive Vehicle Inspection Checklist that guides you through the essential steps to ensure your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

Daily Vehicle Checklist​
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Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Whether you’re embarking on a short commute or preparing for a long journey, our Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist is designed to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, safe to use, and performing at its peak. This checklist is not merely a list of tasks, but a tool to instil a habit of regular observation, making it easier for you to spot potential issues and defects before they become bigger problems.

HGV Daily Checks

For HGV drivers, daily vehicle checks are not just a good practice; they’re a legal requirement. Recognizing this, we’ve integrated an extensive HGV daily checks section into our daily vehicle inspection checklist. Following our checklist can ensure that your vehicle meets all necessary legal requirements, avoiding potential fines or even a driving ban.

Vehicle Inspection App

The FleetGO Vehicle Inspection App is an essential tool that takes your vehicle inspections up a notch. This convenient daily vehicle checklist app streamlines the process of walkaround checks, allowing you to inspect your vehicle methodically, record any issues, and follow up on necessary maintenance or repairs. This tool enables you to customise your checklists, upload images of vehicle defects, and view the vehicle inspection checklist in a user-friendly digital format.

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Daily Walkaround Checks

Our daily walkaround checks provide a clear, methodical process for inspecting your vehicle inside out. We’ve crafted our vehicle walkaround checklist to ensure you cover all crucial vehicle components – from the tyres, engine oil, washer fluid, and wipers to the lights, fuel levels, and more. This way, you can rest assured that no stone is left unturned in your vehicle safety checks.

PDF Printable Vehicle Inspection Checklist

For those who prefer a hardcopy checklist or require it for administrative purposes, FleetGO provides a free PDF printable vehicle inspection checklist. This way, you can physically tick off each completed check, making it easier to track your progress.

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Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template

Recognizing the unique needs of different vehicles and users, our vehicle inspection checklist template is fully customizable. Whether you’re inspecting a van, truck, or a smaller vehicle, our template can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Vehicle Checks Before Driving off With a Van

The importance of thorough vehicle checks before driving off cannot be overstated. With our comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Form for a Van, we make it easier for you to keep your van in top condition, reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns, and assure safer trips.

Daily Walkaround Check: A Habit of Safety

Whether it’s a van or an HGV, developing a routine of daily walkaround checks can significantly improve your road safety. At FleetGO, we support your commitment to safety with our specially designed vehicle inspection form. Simple to use and easy to follow, it will guide you through each check, ensuring your vehicle’s roadworthiness.


Road safety begins before you start your journey. By using FleetGO’s comprehensive range of checklists, forms, and digital apps, you can ensure your vehicle is in the best condition before you hit the road. Try our Daily Vehicle Checklist today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is safe, efficient, and compliant.