Why FleetGO?

Outstanding products and top customer service

In today’s technology-driven world it’s hard to find out which company or product is better over the other. We don’t believe in standard marketing-slang or commercial promises we don’t meet. 

The best possible answer on ‘why FleetGO’ is that we focus on delivering outstanding products and customer service.

  • We’ve developed a top-notch infrastructure with security as main pillar.
  • We guarantee top quality and offer extended warranties.
  • We are 100% independent and owned by the company management.
  • We focus on technology, not on pushing sales.
  • We are flexible, so are our contracts.
  • Customers get to talk to FleetGO experts, not a call center or robot.
  • We always find a solution (for almost anything!)

Our story

FleetGO Group: a leading tech company

We founded FleetGO in 2010, but our history goes back way further. Today we’re one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies. Our headquarter is based in The Netherlands (Hattem) and we have offices in Germany (Dusseldorf), the UK (London) and Turkey (Istanbul). 

We deliver high-end telematics solutions for small, medium and large businesses. We help to create smarter fleets with actionable data and insights on driver and fleet performance, vehicle usage, diagnostics info, and tachograph data. We have a strong focus on technology and our customers. We believe that, together with our customers, we can deliver the best possible solutions.

Daily over 5,000 companies with more than 50,000 connected vehicles in Europe rely on the FleetGO platform to optimize their operations, lower their costs and reduce their risks. 

We grow fast!


Our Vision

Companies should focus on what they do best and not get lost in the day-to-day operation of running a company fleet.

Our Mission

Help companies simplify their administrative and legal hassle that come with operating a company fleet.

Core values

Without a strong set of core company values, both our vision and mission are meaningless. That’s why we see our core values as the true foundation of our company.


We’re strong believers of ‘knowledge is power’. We act based on our knowledge, and not from a commercial aspect. That means that we encourage everyone to keep learning everyday, but also to share knowledge with others.


We can’t do anything on our own and we like to work as a team. Together with our colleagues but also with our customers, our partners and our suppliers.

We think it’s very important that, as a professional, being the right person in the right place is key to be successful (and not to forget: happy!). To enable this, we give our team members a lot of freedom and responsibility. As an employer, we try to enable. We don’t believe in top-down management. We do believe in shared accountability and team efforts. Because in the end, we do it together.


What works today, doesn’t have to work tomorrow. This means that we need to be flexible and agile. 


We believe in growth. Not only company growth, but also the growth of our team member. If they grow, we all grow. 

Want to join our story?

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