Trackers for cars

With the help of FleetGO, it’s never been easier to buy a tracker for a car. With our range of intelligent trackers for cars, you can gain unrestricted access to insightful data about your car.

Looking to reduce your fuel consumption, see an overview of all journeys travelled, or keep tabs on your vehicles while they’re on the move? Thanks to our best-in-class car tracking solution, you can have all of this information — and much, much more — right at your fingertips.

Trackers for cars
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GPS Trackers for Cars

The use of GPS car trackers is becoming increasingly widespread. While such devices are frequently used by haulage companies to keep tabs on their goods vehicles, they are also ideal for businesses with employees who use company cars for work-related purposes. Rental car companies can also benefit from installing car tracking devices into their fleet of vehicles to ensure that their customers are adhering to the prescribed company policies and road laws.

Nevertheless, car trackers are not exclusively used for commercial purposes — individual car owners may choose to have a device installed into their own private vehicle with the aim of reducing fuel costs, emissions and time spent on the road.

Tracking Devices for Cars

At FleetGO, we offer a range of tracking devices for cars to suit the needs of our UK customers. As a FleetGO customer, you’ll be equipped with a state-of-the-art car tracking device that’s expertly designed with you in mind.

The CubiQ is one of the most sought after car tracking devices in the UK. Manufactured by our team of experts right here in-house, the latest version of this unrivalled piece of hardware equipment was released in 2021 and boasts an array of clever features and functionalities. The CubiQ registers all movements and activities made by your vehicle and stores this information securely. And when it comes to security, firmware signing and encryption, SMS-command signing, and Device ROM and bootloader protection are just some of the high-end features that our proprietary device has to offer.

In addition to the CubiQ, we also offer a handy GPS OBD dongle — a flexible alternative to other GPS tracking devices. Read on for more information about our small tracking device.

Easy Connect is an easy-to-install, affordable, and flexible all-in-one solution to track your vehicles or machines via GPS. It can be installed within 5 minutes and is hidden from view. The unit is dustproof and waterproof and it can be used on 12 – 24 Volt systems (also for trucks). It can also be used for tracking of machines or heavy equipment. It is perfect for small-to-medium sized enterprises who want to track their vehicles, trucks, or other assets without the hassle of a complicated installation.

UK Car Tracking Devices​

UK Car Tracking Devices

Today, car tracking devices are commonly used for both private and commercial purposes across the UK. If you’re a business using car tracking devices, you must ensure that your drivers or employees are aware that they are being tracked while using the vehicle. Furthermore, employees or drivers may only be tracked during working hours and must provide written consent. 

This is because the data collected by GPS devices is considered to be personal data, which must be handled according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This European law states that personal data cannot be collected and used without permission and failure to comply is a criminal offense that may result in a hefty fine.

Want to find out more about using FleetGO car tracking devices in the UK? We have a dedicated team of English-speaking representatives based at our UK headquarters who are on hand to advise on our products and services and assist with your queries. Get in touch today!

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GPS Tracking for Cars

Installing a car tracker into your vehicle can bring a whole host of benefits. Firstly, GPS systems for cars enable you to plan your journeys more effectively and determine not only the shortest routes but the fastest ones too. GPS trackers also give you the ability to pinpoint the whereabouts of your car at lightning speed and minimise the risk of it being stolen or falling into the wrong hands. On top of this, owning a car tracking system means that you’re always ahead of the game when it comes to vehicle maintenance. You’ll be alerted when your car is due for a service or MOT, which in turn reduces the likelihood of unforeseen repairs and their associated costs.

If you’re a business owner with cars that are driven by your employees, a tracking device is a reliable way of monitoring their driver behaviour and ensuring that they are following the necessary company procedures and road laws. You can set up alerts so that you’ll be notified each time the driver commits any non-compliant behaviour, such as sudden braking or speeding.

Car Tracking Systems

Our tracker system for cars is a seamless solution that puts the user in full control of their vehicle. Once a FleetGO tracking device has been installed into your car, you can start logging your journeys and collecting valuable metrics. All of the data that is stored on our hardware is automatically synced to the FleetGO Cloud platform. With its clean, user-friendly design, this intuitive software allows you to view and analyse all of the data recorded by our GPS tracking device and create customised reports.

Car Tracking Systems​

How much is a tracking device for a car?

You may well be wondering how much a car tracking device costs. Prices of car tracking devices can vary significantly depending upon the manufacturer or provider. At FleetGO, we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled solution at an unbeatable price. A comprehensive breakdown of all of the individual costs associated with our service is included in our quotes as standard to give our customers complete transparency.

Want to start using a car tracker to optimise your journeys and take full control over your vehicle? Contact us today to receive a free quote straight to your inbox.

Best car tracking device to buy

If you’re looking for a cheap GPS tracker that is rich in features and skillfully manufactured using a combination of premium parts, our FleetGO device fits the bill. Combined with our cloud software programme and convenient mobile app, our FleetGO tracking devices ensure that you’re always in the driver’s seat when it comes to the location, use and condition of your vehicle.

Best tracker for cars

While there is a wide range of tracking devices available to choose from on the market, our FleetGO solution is unarguably the best tracking device for cars.

Unlike many other providers of car tracking devices, our hardware device is manufactured by a team of experts in-house at our FleetGO headquarters. This gives us complete control over its features and components and allows us to offer a product that is a cut above the rest. What’s more, our team of dedicated FleetGo representatives are on hand to fit the device into your vehicle, saving you the hassle of a complex and time-consuming installation process.

And if you’re looking for a short-term solution that’s even quicker and simpler to implement, our GPS onboard diagnostics (OBD) dongle is an appropriate alternative. More information about this handy piece of equipment can be found below.

Small trackers for cars

In addition to our state-of-the-art CubiQ hardware device, FleetGO customers can take advantage of our handy GPS onboard diagnostics (OBD) dongle. Often referred to as a “connector” or “stick”, the OBD dongle is a flexible solution that can be used temporarily and fitted by the vehicle owner in just a matter of minutes.

Small trackers for cars​

Simply connect the device to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port to start gathering all of the car-related data that matters to you most. This data is registered via the OBD dongle’s GPS signal and syncs automatically to our FleetGO Cloud platform and app.

The dongle records various information, including vehicle location, driver behaviour, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In turn, you’re able to reduce costs, emissions and the amount of time your cars spend on the road

Frequently asked questions

Broadly speaking, telematics brings together two sciences — telecommunications and informatics. Today, the term is most often used to refer to telematics devices that are used in commercial vehicles, including trucks and cars. These devices garner and transmit data relating to the use and maintenance requirements of the vehicle. 

A GPS tracker is a portable device that uses a network of satellites called the Global Positioning System to determine the geographic location and monitor the movements of cars, trucks and other such vehicles.

Standard car tracking devices are available to buy from a large number of suppliers, both on and offline. To find out more about FleetGO car tracking and purchase an intelligent, tailor-made solution, contact us today. 

Car manufacturers, telematics companies, and car insurers all require telematics in order to have a better understanding of how cars are being used.

In recent times, telematics have been used for multiple purposes such as:

  • To allow insurance companies to set premiums based on a driver’s driving habits
  • To provide feedback on the performance of a vehicle
  • To provide technical assistance when needed.

Telematics has many benefits over the traditional model. It offers connectivity, security, and convenience to drivers.

Telematics is also known as the “Internet of things” because it allows for internet access from a vehicle. The system can be used to allow access to a driver’s location, vehicle speed, fuel level and so on. This benefits police forces in locating stolen vehicles or drivers who go past their speed limit or people who don’t stop at a red light.

The policy makers of a country have a big say in how telematics should be used in cars. They use the power of law to ensure that no one is using telematics for malicious purposes.

The government is required to regulate who can collect data from the vehicles and what kind of data. The law also determines what kind of data can be accessed by various agencies. For example, the location data of vehicles have been regulated for over a decade now and only access to this data is granted on certain circumstances.

With telematics, car insurance companies can offer more accurate pricing to drivers based on their driving habits. It also helps the driver to be more aware of their own habits and provides specific feedback that can help them to improve.