FleetGO Group acquires Belgian software company EuroTracs

Eurotracs Acquisition

Logistics software provider FleetGO Group acquires the Belgium-based EuroTracs with the support of software investor Main Capital Partners. The acquisition of EuroTracs marks the second add-on acquisition since the initial investments of Main Capital Partners in Wanko and FleetGO in Q3 2022, which altogether formed the FleetGO Group. The combination of EuroTracs and FleetGO Group will create a more comprehensive product suite with strong shared expertise, technology leadership, and a broad geographical scope. This will enable customers to efficiently manage their orders, enhance supply chain visibility, and remain competitive in a constantly evolving business environment. Recent developments have highlighted the need for tackling the logistics sector’s increasingly complex challenges. Main’s investment signifies the value of developing software solutions that manage interconnected networks, boost supply chain visibility, and improve process efficiency.

Strengthening and expanding FleetGO Group’s market position

The FleetGO Group provides a comprehensive software solution for warehousing, route optimization, telematics and fleet management, and has a strong footprint in the DACH and Benelux region. The addition of EuroTracs’ cloud-based TMS platform and order execution solution further builds on the Group strategy to create a holistic product suite with transport and order management, warehousing, asset management, route planning, telematics, tachometry and fleet management functionalities. Furthermore, EuroTracs has established a strong presence within the Belgian and French markets, which will serve as a key entry point for the Group’s future international expansion. 

By consolidating all essential data into a central management cockpit, the combined product offering will provide customers with a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage the dispatching and execution of their orders. This integrated approach enhances supply chain visibility and communication among stakeholders, leading to significant process efficiency improvements. This enables customers to stay competitive and agile in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

EuroTracs, headquartered in Zottegem, Belgium, has been offering integrated software and hardware solutions since 1996, allowing clients to streamline their order dispatching and execution. The company’s cloud-based TMS platform is the cornerstone of its clients’ logistical operations, featuring a range of functionalities like order entry, asset management, transport planning, and price management. Furthermore, EuroTracs’ order execution and monitoring platform empowers shippers and carriers to share real-time transport order and execution data with all stakeholders across the supply chain. By building fully cloud-based software products, EuroTracs has gained a unique competitive advantage in its segment. The company serves a diversified customer base of approximately 100 clients, primarily operating in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. Amongst these clients are Gefco, TLR Robinet and NDQ Logistics; all of which operate in the logistics and transport sector.

The integrated product offering, combined with strong shared expertise, a wide geographical scope, and technology leadership, puts FleetGO Group in a strong position to leverage the benefits of consolidation, economies of scale, technological integration, inorganic growth, and aligning with like-minded, highly skilled professionals across its core regions.

Ronald van Tiel, CEO at FleetGO Group, says: “I am very excited with the addition of EuroTracs to the Group. I think EuroTracs has one of the most modern and most scalable TMS solutions currently available in the market. The combination of FleetGO Group and EuroTracs brings together two companies with a shared vision on software development and the future of logistics software. This partnership enhances our offering and creates strong growth potential for our cross-border strategies. Our customers will benefit from our comprehensive product suite, while we will continue to provide the best possible customer service.”

Christiaan Bert, CEO at EuroTracs, adds: “Joining forces with FleetGO Group is a tremendous opportunity for EuroTracs to offer the most comprehensive solutions and service to our customers. We are excited about the potential of this partnership, which will enable us to leverage the synergies of our combined expertise and technologies to deliver greater value to our clients. We are confident that this strategic move will allow us to continue to innovate and grow, while expanding our reach beyond our current markets.”

Sven van Berge, Head of DACH activities at Main Capital Partners, concludes: “The addition of EuroTracs to FleetGO Group’s already impressive suite of logistics and fleet management software solutions is a smart move. The consolidation of essential data into a central management cockpit will allow for improved supply chain visibility and seamless communication among stakeholders, which is crucial for increasing process efficiency. With EuroTracs’ established presence in Belgium and France, FleetGO Group is well positioned to expand into new international markets. This integrated product offering, combined with strong expertise and technology leadership, sets FleetGO Group up for continued success in the competitive logistics industry.”

About EuroTracs
EuroTracs is a software provider for transport solutions founded in 1996 and headquartered in Zottegem, Belgium. EuroTracs’ solutions include a cloud-based TMS platform that offers functionalities such as order entry, asset management, transport planning, and price management. Moreover, EuroTracs offers an order execution and monitoring platform that allows shippers and carriers to exchange data on transport orders and order execution with all stakeholders across the supply chain in real-time. The company is led by Christiaan Bert and Sven Claessens, and services a loyal customer base of approximately 100 international customers.

About FleetGO Group
FleetGO Group is a pan-European logistics software company that offers a comprehensive software suite for Warehouse, Transportation and Fleet Management. It was established in 2022 through the strategic combination of FleetGO, a Dutch telematics & fleet management software provider, and Wanko Informationslogistik, a German warehousing and transport management software provider. The Group provides modern, cloud-based software solutions to over 5,000 customers, SME as well as corporate clients, and has long-term customer relationships and a strong (international) partner network in place. The Group currently employs more than 150 people and is headquartered in Hattem, The Netherlands.

About Main Capital Partners
Main Capital Partners is a leading software investor in the Benelux, DACH and Nordic region. Main has 20 years of experience in strengthening software companies and works closely with the management teams in its portfolio as a strategic partner, in order to achieve sustainable growth and larger outstanding software groups. Main has 60 employees and offices in The Hague, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Antwerp and an affiliated office in Boston. Main has over 2.2 billion euros in assets under management and currently has an active portfolio of over 40 software groups. Together, these companies provide about 9,000 jobs.