Switzerland has shut down its 2G mobile network

Switzerland 2G shutdown

The Swiss mobile operators have been upgrading their networks to 4G and 5G technologies. At the moment, they have covered almost the entire country. As a result, the operators have decided to entirely switch off their 2G mobile network in Switzerland.

Starting from the beginning of 2023, the last operator that supported the 2G standard, Sunrise, announced its deactivation. Consequently, devices that only support 2G will no longer be able to use any of Switzerland’s mobile networks. Gradually, the coverage for 2G networks all across Europe will decrease over the next few years, where in most countries the network will completely be taken down in 2025.

How will the loss of 2G support in Switzerland affect FleetGO customers?

FleetGO anticipated the deactivation of the 2G networks and invested heavily in hardware that can connect to both current (2G) and new (4G) generation networks. We did this to provide the best coverage all across Europe, depending on the available network. We have been supplying the new 4G supported hardware as a standard for a number of years now. At FleetGO, we made this choice to prevent any network issues, now and in the future.

FleetGO strongly recommends, if not all your vehicles are provided with a 4G FleetGO device yet, to switch over to our new 4G solutions. This is to prevent GPS signal outages when your vehicles are passing through Swiss territory with a 2G device, which may limit access to the ‘Live Tracking’ feature.

However, we will continue to collect data on your vehicle. Our system will upload your driving data to FleetGO Telematics as soon as your vehicle picks up a signal. Rest assured, you will not miss any data in the Logbook, and you can rely on our Fleet Management system as usual.

If you are not sure whether you have a 2G or 4G devices installed, or you want more information about the 4G solutions, please contact our sales team.