FleetGO partners up with the Sixfold platform

FleetGO partners sixfold

FleetGO continues to be at the fore-front of developing innovative products and services that add value to our customers.

“We are committed not only to understand and to act upon the needs and wants of our customers, but also to think about opportunities that bring substantial cost savings and increased commercial gains.”

Testimony to the latter is our newest partnership with the Sixfold platform.

Sixfold is Europe’s leading real-time transportation visibility platform, solving supply chain visibility challenges for the world’s biggest companies, shippers and carriers.

Your FleetGO telematics can now be securely integrated with the Sixfold platform. There are many benefits when you integrate FleetGO with Sixfold’s platform, for example:

  • Proactively predict transportation delays
  • Gain more efficiency
  • Save money
  • Lose less time waiting

Not only will your customers, the shippers, thank you, but you will also position your business as a sustainable transportation enterprise of the future.

Do you want more information about the possibility to integrate your FleetGO system with the Sixfold platform? Please don’t hesitate to contact us;

Email: info@fleetgo.com
Phone: +44 (0)3333 000 321