Dealing with Missing Mileage and Missing Cards, still necessary?

missing mileage

Dealing with missing mileage, missing cards and filling up the gaps. For a lot of years it’s been quite a hassle for almost every Haulage company. But do we still need a missing mileage report, or is it not necessary anymore? 

When trucks are fitted with an “old” manual tachograph it is still possible that a gap occurs in the trip registration. This means that there is a gap between the registered mileage at the start of the trip and the registered mileage at the end of the previous trip. If you have a manual tacho, a missing mileage report is still necessary to help you deal with these gaps! 

But to be honest, with the introduction of the Digital Tachograph we don’t really speak about Missing Mileage anymore. Why? Because all driven miles are always registered by the digital Tacho. A difference in the end and starting mileage is almost impossible. But there is a second issue which is just as critical and still occurs with Digital Tachographs. I am talking about driven mileages without a registered driver. Also known as Unknown drivers. When taking a look at our customers, it still frequently happens that trucks are being driven without entering a valid drivercard in the Tacho. Risking high fines and even a chance of losing the Operator License.  

To easily deal with Missing Mileage and Unknown Drivers we developed an easy-to-use Missing Mileage and Unknown driver report, which makes it as easy as possible to manage your missing mileages.  

FleetGO’s Missing Mileage Report


A new feature within the missing mileage report: enter a reason for the missing mileage. This way, it’s even easier for colleagues to monitor the missing mileage of trucks and drivers. You find the option on the right side of the screen when entering your data.

missing mileage

This new feature is available for all customers whom are already using FleetGO’s Tacho Analysis product. Interested in our Missing Mileage and Unknown driver report?  

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