New feature: CO2 reporting

CO2 Emission report

At FleetGO we believe it is important to be environmentally conscious. We also believe that as a fleet manager you should have detailed insight into your fleet. Reporting CO2 emissions gives in-depth information about which areas your fleet could improve. By lowering CO2 emissions, your company will also benefit economically in the long run.

Fully automatic with FleetGO

It is possible to let built-in FleetGO hardware collect the relevant data so you receive automated CO2 reports. Our hardware devices will send everything you need for a CO2 report automatically to our platform. This way, you never have to worry about it yourself. Reports will be easily downloadable from the FleetGO Cloud Platform.

Advanced WLTP calculation method

FleetGO’s CO2 report module makes use of the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) calculation method. This method gives a realistic view of the CO2 emissions from your fleet. The WLTP calculation method is based on real driving data. WLTP is calculated based on four parts with distinct average speeds. These include low, medium, high and extra high speed. CO2 emissions are then being monitored for a variety of phases: driving, braking, acceleration and stop.

What are the benefits of WLTP?

WLTP is a worldwide highly used calculation method for the calculation of CO2 emissions from vehicles. It delivers a realistic view of the amount of CO2 emissions from vehicles, by using real-life data and testing conditions, such as:
– Driving behaviour
– Driving situations (main road, motorway, urban, suburban)
– CO2 values and fuel consumption per vehicle
– Dynamic changes in speed, both acceleration and deceleration
Temperatures adjusted to match the climate conditions of the vehicle’s country of use

PDF or CSV export

CO2 reports can easily be exported as a PDF or CSV file. With these options, you can easily share the data and/or integrate it with your own systems.

Prefer a fully automated connection? Don’t hesitate to inquire about the possibility of using our API.


What are CO2 emissions?

CO2 means carbon dioxide and is generated through the burning of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal. CO2 emissions have resulted in the faster heating of the earth. This because there are getting more greenhouse gasses such as CO2 in the atmosphere. Because of this, governments are creating laws and making agreements with each other to reduce the CO2 emissions.

How does the CO2 dashboard of FleetGO work?

The intelligent CO2 dashboard calculates the CO2 emissions of your fleet based on the WLTP calculation method. Driven kilometers are automatically registered with the FleetGO telematics solutions. If the vehicle has driven kilometers in the selected period, this will automatically be included in the report.

What is the purpose of the CO2 reporting?

For some countries there are already normative regulations on work-related personnel mobility. This means that companies disclose the CO2 emissions they generate. Chances are high that the UK government will also impose these normative regulations to companies in the near future. To meet the international treaty on climate change from Paris, also the UK government will need to get insight in CO2 emissions from companies. By initiating the calculation of your company’s CO2 emissions, you make sure that you are future proof for any regulations the UK government may impose. Additionally, this practice provides valuable insights for identifying areas where emission reduction efforts can be enhanced.