Vehicle Tracking

With the help of FleetGO’s state-of-the-art vehicle tracking technology, you can access and analyse crucial, data-driven insights on your entire fleet of trucks and vans — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Consisting of our next generation CubiQ tracking device and slick FleetGO cloud software, our solution gives you unrestricted visibility over all of your assets. Discover the location of your trucks and vans in real-time and analyse your operations in a matter of clicks.

Vehicle Tracking​
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Vehicle Tracking in the UK

Our European vehicle tracking technology is an unparalleled solution used by reputable haulage businesses far and wide. Our dedicated English-speaking team of experts, based at our FleetGO UK headquarters, are on hand to advise and support you in your vehicle tracking efforts. Using the live UK map in our FleetGO Cloud platform, it’s quick and easy to determine where in the country your individual vehicles are located.

Although tracking your vehicles is not a legal requirement in the UK, haulage companies must ensure that they abide by the laws relating to the use of GPS tracking for surveillance purposes. Given that the information that can be gathered by GPS tracking devices is deemed to be personal data, this must be handled according to GDPR — a European legislation that stipulates that such data cannot be collected and used without permission. Drivers must be aware that they are being tracked and have given legal consent. Moreover, tracking employees is only legally permissible during working hours.

Vehicle Tracking Devices

Our vehicle tracking device — The CubiQ — is designed and manufactured in-house by our team of experts to provide our customers with the best vehicle tracking device on the market. 

The latest edition of our state-of-the-art telematics hardware was brought to market in 2021 and is a highly unique piece of equipment that fulfils all of your vehicle tracking needs.

Vehicle Tracking Devices​

The device boasts an array of innovative features — it logs all activity and any movements made by the vehicle and keeps a record of all trips, routes and destinations reached. All of the information stored is available to access via the FleetGO Cloud — an intuitive digital platform that is seamlessly integrated with our CubiQ hardware.

Security is top of mind for all of us here at FleetGO. As a result, the CubiQ offers a comprehensive array of security features that set this piece of hardware apart from other vehicle tracking devices available in the UK. Firmware signing and encryption, SMS-command signing and Device ROM and bootloader protection all come as standard to give our customers complete peace of mind.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

At FleetGO, our mission is to deliver a high-end GPS vehicle tracking system that helps create smarter fleets. But how does vehicle GPS tracking work exactly? Using a navigation system known as the Global Positioning System, a GPS tracker ascertains and follows the location of the vehicle carrying the device. The location data collected is subsequently displayed on a map, which can then be used to establish the whereabouts of the carrier.

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Vehicle Tracking System

Our cutting-edge solution combines our unique CubiQ telematics device and FleetGO cloud platform to bring you one of the most intelligent vehicle tracking systems in the UK. Simply have our hardware installed into each of your trucks and vans by a FleetGO representative to start recording valuable vehicle-specific data.

All of this information is synced to the FleetGO Cloud perform and mobile app and displayed in a clear, easy-to-browse format.

Vehicle Tracking System​

Users can pull the data and create customised reports containing meaningful insights. Our technology is installed into over 50,000 vehicles throughout Europe and used by trusted businesses to make informed business decisions each and every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to receive your free quote and take your fleet operations to new heights with one of Europe’s best vehicle tracking systems.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Expertly manufactured using next-generation technology and the very best components, our unique van tracking service helps drive real results for fleet businesses throughout Europe — day in, day out.

Alongside our CubiQ telematics device, we also offer a handy GPS OBD dongle. Also known as a “connector” or “stick”, this clever piece of equipment is a flexible alternative to other GPS tracking devices and makes for an ideal temporary solution. There’s no complicated installation process involved, simply connect the device to your vehicle’s onboard dashboard (OBD) port. The OBD dongle registers data via its GPS signal and transmits this to our FleetGO Cloud platform and app.

Vehicle location, driver behaviour, fuel usage and CO2 emissions are just some of the different types of information recorded by the dongle, allowing you to reduce costs, emissions and the amount of time your vehicles spend on the road.

Business Vehicle Tracking

Our commercial vehicle tracking is designed specifically with fleet businesses in mind. Whether you own or manage a fleet of goods vehicles, the FleetGO business vehicle tracking system brings a whole host of advantages.

Here are just some of the many reasons why hauliers use our company vehicle tracking as a fundamental part of their everyday vehicle operations:

  • To check that their drivers are running on time and keep their customers up-to-date with estimated arrival times
  • To protect their fleet of vehicles from being used irresponsibly — to prevent speeding or erratic driving, for example 
  • To keep track of when important maintenance — such as an MOT or service — needs to be carried out
  • To prevent their vehicles from being stolen
  • To simplify the process of creating profitability reports on vehicle operations, mileage and fuel costs
  • To ensure compliance and proper usage of company vehicles.
  • To ensure the safety of their drivers

Vehicle Tracking Software

With our powerful GPS vehicle tracking software — the FleetGO Cloud — viewing and analysing the data from all of your connected vehicles is simpler than ever. Boasting an array of features and an intuitive dashboard, this smart piece of software simplifies the way you aggregate and analyse your vehicle-related data.

The FleetGO Cloud platform is home to a live interactive map. Here, users can gain a complete overview of all of their goods vehicles, right around the clock. The platform is fully responsive and updated on a regular basis to bring you exciting new features and functionalities.

Want to give the tool a personal touch? The FleetGO Cloud is fully customisable, allowing you to add or remove menu functions, change the colour scheme of the user interface or add in your company logo.

On top of that, thanks to the tool’s role-based access system, various individuals within your business can benefit from all that the FleetGO Cloud has to offer. Admin users have the power to customise individual user permissions based on their needs.

Vehicle Tracking Software​

Vehicle Tracking App

Our feature-rich FleetGO smartphone app is a handy addition to the FleetGO Cloud platform that lets you keep tabs on your fleet from wherever you are in the world. Thanks to its clean design and user-friendly functionality, users have easy access to all of the most important vehicle-related data while they’re on the go. The app is available to download on both iOS and Android devices completely free of charge.

The app features a live interactive map displaying the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet, along with a detailed log of all the journeys that have been completed. What’s more, security alerts can be activated directly within the app to ensure that you’re notified in the event of suspicious activity.

Vehicle Tracking Prices

At FleetGO, we offer an unrivalled vehicle tracking solution at a price you can afford. Our vehicle tracking cost is calculated according to the size of your fleet along with any additional services that may be required. As part of our vehicle tracking quotes, we include a full breakdown of all of the individual costs associated with our service to give you complete transparency.

Our vehicle tracking solution is built for every type of fleet business, be it small, medium or large. Simply get in touch with us today to find out more about our competitive pricing plans and receive a free quote.

Live Vehicle Tracking

The live map function is one of the most valuable features that our FleetGO platform and mobile app has to offer. Want to find out exactly where your trucks and vans are located in-real time? With our software, you’re able to discover your vehicles’ whereabouts via a live, interactive map from your desktop or mobile device.

Better still, with the help of geofencing technology, you can set up virtual boundaries around certain locations and areas to prevent your vehicles from travelling beyond these zones. Thanks to our live vehicle tracking functionality, you can guarantee the safety of your drivers and fleet and reduce the risk of your vehicles being stolen.

Vehicle Tracking Company

FleetGO is one of the most reliable and well-known vehicle tracking companies in the UK. Founded in 2010, we are a leading tech company with offices in Hattem, Düsseldorf, London and Istanbul. Technology and first-class customer service are central to all that we do, and our company values represent the true foundation of our company. Our goal is to enable fleet businesses of all sizes to optimise their operations, reduce costs and minimise risks through our best-in-class telematics solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Vehicle tracking involves using a GPS system to monitor the location of a moving vehicle, whether truck, van or car.

GPS tracking devices connect to a network of satellites, which provide information on the location, direction and speed of the vehicle being tracked.

Vehicle tracking devices use the Global Positioning System to pinpoint and follow the location of the connected vehicle. This data is stored on the hardware device and transmitted to a software programme.

Our vehicle tracking system can be easily installed into your dashboard’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port by one of our FleetGO representatives. Get in touch to arrange your appointment.

The CubiQ vehicle tracking device from FleetGO is a cut above the rest. Unlike other similar products available from wholesale manufacturers, our telematics hardware is manufactured in-house to offer our customers a highly secure, feature-rich product made from top-quality components.

Where a GPS tracker is used for fleet tracking purposes, the device is almost exclusively installed into the vehicle’s dashboard via an onboard diagnostics (OBD) port. In other cases, GPS trackers can be installed in the front or rear bumper, wheel wells, under floor mats or seats, or the glove compartment.

The cost of our vehicle tracking service depends on the number of vehicles in your fleet and the extra services that you may require. Contact us today to receive a free, personalised quote. Our unbeatable service has a price tag to match!