Van Tracking

Get unrestricted access to live, around-the-clock updates on your fleet of vans with next-generation GPS van tracking software from FleetGO.

Van tracking
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Van Tracking System

Our offering is simple — an outstanding, end-to-end van tracking system, designed to give you full control over your fleet. With the help of the CubiQ — our very own modular telematics hardware device — you can obtain crucial, real-time insights into your vans and their drivers, day or night. Simply have the device installed into your full fleet of delivery vans by a FleetGO representative to start recording the data that you need the most.


This clever piece of tracking equipment is fully synchronised with our FleetGO Cloud software to give you complete visibility over the data being gathered. Log in to the platform at any time of the day to view vital information in real-time, including the destinations your vans have reached, the routes they have taken, and the number of hours they have spent on the move. The tool presents all of the information in a clear and digestible format and gives you the option to create customised reports containing meaningful metrics.

Take your daily van delivery operations to the next level and keep your fleet secure with advanced vehicle tracking technology that stands apart from other van tracking systems in the UK.

Van Tracking App

The FleetGO mobile van tracking app is a handy addition to our FleetGO Cloud platform, letting you keep track of your fleet of vans no matter where you are — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Complete with a selection of key features, our app is slick and straightforward to use and made with you in mind. Better still, the app is available to download at no extra cost to your Android or iOS device.

Pinpoint the current location of your vans using the live interactive map and browse through the journey history of your entire fleet, all from the palm of your hand. What’s more, you can set up crucial security alerts, enabling you to be sent an instant notification in the event of suspicious activity — for example, if a vehicle travels outside of a predefined area or is on the move out of hours.

Van Tracking App​

Van Tracking Device

Unlike many other providers of commercial van tracking devices, here at FleetGO, we design and develop our own telematics hardware to bring you a best-in-class solution that delivers results you can rely on.

The CubiQ — our proprietary hardware product — is an innovative piece of GPS tracking equipment that records any activity or movements made by your vehicles. All location and route-related data is stored securely on the device and synchronised to the FleetGO Cloud platform. In just a few clicks, you’re able to access and analyse this very information via our smart cloud-based tool and start making informed decisions that will drive your business forward.

Given that security is the number one priority at FleetGO, The CubiQ has been carefully manufactured with this in mind. Our revolutionary device comes with a range of high-end security features as standard to give you complete peace of mind. This includes firmware signing and encryption, SMS-command signing, and Device ROM and bootloader protection.

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Van Tracking Costs

At FleetGO, our van tracking system cost is aligned with the unparalleled technological solution that we offer. Our aim is to provide top-quality service at an unbeatable price. Our system costs are tailored to your business and are determined based on the number of vehicles in your fleet, as well as any other additional services you may require. A clear cost breakdown is included in all of our quotes to ensure that our customers have full transparency over our service.

Want to find out more about our competitive pricing plans? Whether your business is small, medium or large, share a few key details with us today to receive an affordable quote, straight to your inbox.