Discover how FleetGO supports agricultural companies with the optimal deployment of vehicles, equipment and staff.

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Grip on operating equipment with FleetGO

People, machines, and vehicles are vital within the agricultural sector and it is an art in itself to keep up-to-date with the whereabouts and availability of everything and everyone. A good solution exists for this – with the fleet management system by FleetGO, employees, tractors, lorries, tools, and machines can be tracked simply. Additionally, everything can be viewed live via an interactive map on a computer or mobile device.

These agricultural companies are already using FleetGO:

FleetGO supports agricultural companies with Fleet Tracking, equipment management solutions, and reading/analysing Tachograph data. Our customers use our system for:

Automatic Fleet Tracking
Insight in real-time GPS locations
Fuel consumption monitoring
Equipment management
Registration of working and travel hours
Read tachographs remotely
Reports of operating hours of machines
Geofencing (digital fencing)
Live Temperature monitoring

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All vehicles are automatically equipped with accurate traveling details

All the vehicles that are equipped with the tracking system by FleetGO, automatically register trip times, the number of trips, duration of visit, time stationary, and time running while stationary.

The data is stored safely in the FleetGO Cloud and as a customer, you have access to detailed reports which you can divide up according to the period, driver, vehicle, or location. This enables you to easily plan and carry out analyses.

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Meeting the tachograph obligation with ease

Thanks to remote Tacho Download by FleetGO, you will never again have to download your .ddd files manually. This is because the files are sent securely to the FleetGO Cloud, where they will remain stored for 10 years.

Analyzing tachograph files can then be done simply using the FleetGO software.

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Equipment management

Thanks to our equipment management solution, you receive a complete overview of the use of the equipment and machines.

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Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking by FleetGO gives you a powerful instrument to manage your fleet of trailers and to optimize your operation.

Thanks to temperature monitoring, the correct temperature can always be guaranteed for the goods that you transport.

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