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Contributing to sustainability together

Processing waste streams and recycling them into usable products creates a circular solution for equipment that was previously considered useless. Together we are responsible for a better environment, in this, you contribute by preventing pollution of the world with the help of innovative recycling techniques. FleetGO contributes to this by developing innovative tools that allow recycling companies to waste less and work even more efficiently.

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Stop wasting time and money

Many recycling companies waste time and money every day by doing the fleet management by hand. This is not only time-consuming but also error-prone. Companies with a tachograph obligation waste extra money on manually reading tachograph data. Make efficiency gains in your company today by automating tasks for your fleet with FleetGO’s systems.

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Suitable solution for your recycling company

Whether it concerns a small or large company, FleetGO always has a suitable solution that can grow with you and your company. FleetGO helps companies active in recycling with countless smart applications such as:

Automatic fleet tracking
Read tachographs remotely
Operating hours reporting of machines
Insight in real-time GPS locations
Driver and co-driver identification
Registration of working and travel hours
Time registration per project/location
Geofencing (digital fencing)
Fuel consumption monitoring
Driving behavior monitoring
Distinction between business and private kilometres

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FleetGO’s solution for fleet tracking

As a recycling company with a fleet, you want optimal efficiency for your fleet. Keep track of your entire fleet with FleetGO’s solution for fleet tracking, make planning and managing your fleet a breeze.

Because you have insight into when vehicles are available, you can make the right preparations and shorten the lead time. This makes planning your operation a lot easier.

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Reduce the risk of fines with correct tachograph data

Fines from the tax authorities are particularly high if you are negligent in your tachograph duty. Fortunately, FleetGO completely relieves you when it comes to correctly register tachograph data.

All tachograph data containing the legal driving and rest times are automatically read out and stored in the FleetGO Cloud. Here you can then view and analyze all the necessary data. This minimizes the risk of hefty fines.

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