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State of the art Technology Driven by Security & Control

Our technology infrastructure is the key to our success. It’s the backbone of our company. By offering a true end-to-end solution, we develop, own, and operate our complete infrastructure, from hardware to the cloud platform. And because we think that technology is so important, over 65% of our entire budget is spent on R&D.

To offer really innovative and competitive solutions, we believe that, as a telematics company, you need to develop both software and hardware to be in total control of the solution. This means that the software and hardware can be integrated seamlessly with each other and cooperate without boundaries. Besides that, security can only be controlled if you control the entire chain in the infrastructure. We try to limit the dependency on third parties as much as possible, so you don’t have to worry about your data, security, and privacy.


FleetGO owns and controls the end-to-end infrastructure stack.

Security by design

Our entire infrastructure from hardware to cloud is designed with security in mind.

Deeply integrated

Hardware and software is deeply integrated.

Focus on R&D

65% of total budget is spent on our infrastructure.

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Cloud Platform

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Get to know our smart telematics hardware device.


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Frequently asked questions

Where is your datacenter located?

Our data centers are located in Frankfurt and are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). In Frankfurt, we make use of three geographically separated data centers to offer a redundant environment. If you’re interested in the security features, you can find more information here.

What hardware do you use?

We use our own hardware. You can read about our hardware here.

Optionally, we support hardware from the following suppliers: Aplicom, Teltonika, Ruptela, Cellocator. For larger projects, it’s possible to develop custom interfaces with other hardware.

How long do you store data?

We store data for 10 years unless we’ve made specific arrangements to store it for a longer or shorter period.

What is the average lifetime of your hardware?

We don’t have a limit on the lifetime of our hardware since we always make sure that all hardware we’ve sold is backward compatible with our platform. As long as you don’t need new technical features that require new hardware, you can keep using it as long as needed.

Who is your cellular network provider?

We work together with our partner Tele2 IoT. Tele2 is one of the leading providers when it comes to machine to machine (m2m) communication and IoT solutions.

For larger projects, it’s possible to work with any network provider.

What data do you collect?

You can read more about the data we collect here.

How is the privacy of drivers and employees protected?

Very good.

You can read more about privacy here.

What security measures are in place?

A lot! Learn more about our security measures here.

Do you offer a mobile app?

Yes! We have native apps for iOS and Android.

Which languages does the application support?

English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish.

What is the warranty on the hardware?

3 years for our flexible contracts and unlimited for all-in contracts.

How do I know if everything is working properly?

Our system is continuously checking if the hardware is working properly and if the data is valid. If we suspect an error, the system will notify you instantly.